We’ve Got It All

Loma Vista Nursery produces over 650 varieties of field grown shade and ornamental trees, containerized shrubs, shrub roses, groundcovers, ornamental grasses, and perennials. Because we are dedicated to meeting our customer’s needs, the number continues to grow.

Come see us in action!  We are proud of the work we do. We gladly invite you to tour our 300 acre container production facility in Ottawa, KS and our 400+ acre field tree growing operation in Lawrence, KS. You will see first hand the care that goes into each and every plant. To arrange for a tour, please call us at 785-229-7200 X 5. 


We're making plans for spring. How about you? With over 600 varieties in production, we're certain we have a plant mix for you. Contact us a 785-229-7200 x 120 or sales@lomavistanursery.com for details and an order form. 


Cross Reference Guide is a great tool for assistance with plant names.



Container Sizes:

A lack of industry standards for container sizes can create confusion when comparing an availability of plants and prices. Our Chart of Container Sizes is helpful when comparing sizes and prices.