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Blooms Alive

New Life at the Nursery

Our nursery is bursting with buds, new color and interesting textures as we welcome the 2024 growing season. Here are just a few of the plants getting their spring right now on at Loma Vista Nursery. Ogon Spirea (Spirea thunbergii ‘Ogon’) Ogon Spirea Plant Type: Shrub Shrub Type: Deciduous Habit: Dense, Upright Flower Shade: White…

February: Behind the Scenes

Here Comes Spring

When the soil starts to warm and plants begin unfurling their sleepy leaves, spring is just around the corner. And we’re busy as bees in summer. We caught up with Duane Huss, Loma Vista Nursery’s operations manager, for a behind-the-scenes look at February’s activities. With spring a handful of weeks ahead, Duane Huss, operations manager,…

New Year Predictions

Lyndsi Oestmann's Annual Outlook

As the calendar turns from one year to the next, it’s naturally a time for reflection and expectation. For her take on 2023 – and her thoughts on what we can expect in 2024 – we checked in with our own Lyndsi Oestmann, a proven leader in the plant nursery industry. She offers her annual…

Special Edition Blog

Make the Most of Cultivate'23

By Lyndsi Oestmann If it’s July – it’s time to “cultivate” your business network! Our team is averaging 18-plus hours per person round trip to attend Cultivate’23 later this week. The annual trade show and convention presented by AmericanHort is the green industry’s premier event, held during July in Columbus, Ohio, and this year from…

Rock Star Performers

Meet Loma Vista Nursery's Pop Stars

When it comes to rock star hydrangeas, Endless Summer® Pop Star® may be among the more compact and smaller varieties in the Hydrangeaceae family – but make no mistake. It holds its own among the category’s big daddies. Pop Star® Bigleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailmacsix’) Pop Star® Hydrangea Pop Star®  Hydrangea’s motto is “giving you…

Beauty Bonuses

Why Good Gardening Matters

Successfully growing plants-with-benefits begins by selecting healthy, beautiful plants. Good gardening means arming yourself with knowledge and information to help plants thrive once you get them to their destination. In our blogs, we provide facts and details about the plants we grow so you can be successful with them in your garden and landscape projects.…

Curiosity Seals the Deal

Inspiring Student Horticulturists

By Lyndsi Oestmann Late last fall I had the honor of visiting the Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center at my alma mater, Kansas State University (KSU). Chad Miller, Ph.D., associate professor of landscape  horticulture, invited me to present to his students enrolled in the class, “HORT 190 Preparing for Your Horticulture Career.” Preparing the next generation…

Experiencing the View

Getting to Know Loma Vista Nursery's Intern

“Experience the View” is more than our mission statement at Loma Vista Nursery. It is an actionable training tool that is educating the next generation of horticulture professional. Each May through August, our on-nursery internship provides experience in horticulture and agriculture business and communications, as well as in environmental sciences and sustainability management. Interns participate…