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No Snacking Zone

Deer Resistant Plants, Please

It never fails. You plant a new flowering shrub. It’s one you’ve been wanting for a while now, and you dream of how it will look in a couple years, in that developing back border bed. With great care you dig it in so as not to disturb the nearby mixed forbs and other perennials.…

Plant Species Highlight

The Allure of Roses

With about 150 species of wild roses and another 30,000 cultivated varieties, the first rose described for science – Rosa hilliae – was discovered in 1883 by Charles Leo Lesquereux, a paleobotanist. Lesquereux’s rose was initially found by geologists in samples collected in 1877 from the Colorado Florissant Fossil Beds.  While that’s pretty impressive, roses…

Behind the Scenes

Spring Clean-Up on the Nursery

From maintaining residential landscapes to managing commercial properties and public parks, our industry’s expertise includes spring clean-up. While spring in the Midwest officially begins in mid-March, the season kicks off at Loma Vista Nursery in mid-February. By early May, we are welcoming blooms and shipping plants.  Spring clean-up on the nursery includes all the usual…

High Drama

This Eclipse is Like None Other

This dark shrub won’t “eclipse” other plants in your landscape, but it will for sure turn heads! New for gardens this spring – the Eclipse® Bigleaf Hydrangea brings high drama in bold color. This introduction is the latest in the First Editions Shrubs & Trees family of plants, produced by Bailey Nurseries. Loma Vista Nursery…

New Year Predictions

Lyndsi Oestmann's Annual Outlook

As the calendar turns from one year to the next, it’s naturally a time for reflection and expectation. For her take on 2023 – and her thoughts on what we can expect in 2024 – we checked in with our own Lyndsi Oestmann, a proven leader in the plant nursery industry. She offers her annual…

Special Edition Blog

Make the Most of Cultivate'23

By Lyndsi Oestmann If it’s July – it’s time to “cultivate” your business network! Our team is averaging 18-plus hours per person round trip to attend Cultivate’23 later this week. The annual trade show and convention presented by AmericanHort is the green industry’s premier event, held during July in Columbus, Ohio, and this year from…

Taking a Break

The Importance of Dormancy

Dormancy is much more than a long winter’s nap. It’s Mother Nature’s way of preparing for spring. Dormancy is also a chance for the nursery to wind down the year and prepare for a new growing season. Plants take up moisture and nutrients through roots in the soil as they progress through seasonal cycles. They…