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Fragrant Viburnums

There are a lot of factors that go into selecting plants for a garden or landscape. Such things to consider include seasonal interest, color, growing habit, size, utility, etc. However, most of the factors people consider are visual and rely too heavily on what plants look like in a landscape. What many people overlook or don’t consider is how their plants smell.

Think about the aromatic quality of your landscape

There are different shrubs, perennials, and even trees that can add an aromatic element to your landscape. Some have flowers that put off great floral aromas during their blooming seasons while some plants have a consistent perfume-esque quality to them. One such plant you should consider to add an aromatic quality to your landscape is the fragrant viburnum.

Fragrant Viburnums 

Viburnums in general are hardy plants that have some good versatility in landscapes. Often times, they are used as hedge plants, but they can be used as stand-alone shrubs as well. Some varieties, known as ‘fragrant viburnums,’ are named for their sweet scent they put off during the spring season.

If you’re unfamiliar with fragrant viburnums, here are two varieties we recommend:

above: Our crop of Viburnum carliesii

1. Viburnum carliesii “Koreanspice “

Otherwise known as a Koreanspice viburnum, the carlesii is a deciduous shrub that grows to be about four feet tall with a spread of five feet. It is slow-growing, hardy, and low maintenance for zones four to seven. The leaves are a deep green, but it is most noted for its flower clusters and the fragrance they have. The flowers start of as red buds that then bloom into white flower clumps with hints of pink.

above: Viburnum juddii bloom in spring.

2. Viburnum juddii “Judd”

A relative of the carlesii, the Judd viburnum is slightly larger and a little hardier. The leaves are also fuzzy in comparison to the carlesii. It boasts the same style of fragrant flowers that begin with reddish buds that open up to white flowers tinged with pink.

above: Our crop of Viburnum juddii

Have Questions About Plants?

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