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Introducing LV!

Introducing the newest member of Loma Vista Nursery’s team – LV! Our busy gnome ambassador is on a mission to support independent garden centers throughout the Midwest.

LV offers a toolkit of customizable marketing opportunities that are designed to support and help grow your garden center sales. Best of all – the toolkit is free to Loma Vista Nursery clients. Continue reading to find out how to get yours.

Experiencing the view from atop Dwarf Maiden Grass – Miscanthus Gracillimus.

Unique Experiences for Your Customers

LV’s job is to support the unique attributes of garden centers in their respective Midwest markets. The toolkit offers information that garden centers can pick up and use, and features customizable templates for promoting your business.

Content is designed to help garden centers educate their customers about where their plants come from, why shopping locally is important and how growing strong, beautiful plants in their gardens and landscapes can support human health and wellbeing.

Let me introduce you to Tiny Wine® Ninebark – Physocarpus opulifolius.

Inside LV’s Toolkit

There’s so much packed into LV’s comprehensive toolkit! You’ll find conversation starters, a news release template, a customizable blog and blog content recommendations, laminated LV, sample email newsletter content, social media posts for Facebook and Instagram, tips for taking smartphone photos with LV, in-store experience recommendations and seasonal photos you may use however you like.

So pretty – black-eyed Susan.

How to Use the Toolkit

Use parts of the toolkit or all of it – whatever suits your business best. Share the contents with your customers, area media representatives and local blog and social media influencers. Help attract new business and increase existing customer loyalty while generating visibility and conversation about the plants you purchase from Loma Vista Nursery.

Helping the Dwarf Maiden Grass grow.

Who We Are

Loma Vista Nursery, located in Ottawa, Kansas, is a Midwest wholesale grower of perennial plants, trees and shrubs. We are committed to healthy plants, strong customer relationships, employee success, and community and industry involvement. We believe relationships built on service and integrity are mutually beneficial to the advancement of our shared industry and the protection of our environment. That’s why we created LV and the fun toolkit with you – and your customers – in mind.

This plant is a Lime Zinger Sedum.

What We Grow

We grow branded plants, including The Drift® Series, Easy Elegance®, First Editions®, The Knock Out ® Family of Roses, Proven Winners® and Star® Roses and Plants. We also grow a number of other perennials and groundcovers, potted trees, field trees, shrubs, roses and grasses.

I’m on standby!

Here’s How to Get Your Toolkit

Contact one of Loma Vista Nursery’s sales representatives to find out how LV can visit your garden center and how you can receive the complimentary marketing toolkit. For information about the plants we grow for Midwest landscapes, see Loma Vista Nursery’s plant catalog.

Learn More About Plants from Loma Vista Nursery!

Loma Vista Nursery’s staff members are experts in the field. We love helping people learn and understand more about healthy plants that perform well in Midwest landscapes. Feel free to email us at sales@lomavistanursery.com or call us at (785) 229-7200 to get help with your plant-related questions.

Connect with us!

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