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Legacy Square Plant Donation

We are both honored and proud to call Ottawa, Kansas our home. The community has welcomed us with open arms, and it has given us a beautiful plot of land to grow our container plants. If you have not been to Ottawa before, it is definitely worth your trip. The town is home to the nation’s oldest movie theater, has some amazing Kansas City BBQ, and is connected to some of the best trails in the state of Kansas. Ottawa is extremely community-oriented, so the town found a need for a new, outdoor, communal space for people to gather and host events. Thus, the Legacy Square was built.   We care deeply for our community here and see the importance for having a new gathering spot in our town, so we insisted that we helped out with the Legacy Square in the way that we know best: with plants.

Planting for the Future

The square had been in the works for many months. The ground breaking ceremony took place on March eleventh of this year, and the ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening took place on September sixth. Legacy Square is nestled in downtown Ottawa between Walnut Street and First Street. The location is right next to all of the downtown businesses, and it is also expertly located by the two trails that run through town. The Prairie Spirit Trail starts in Ottawa just north of Legacy Square and continues south for about sixty miles, and the Flint Hills Trail goes through the entire state of Kansas from East to West and intersects the Prairie Spirit Trail at Legacy Square.

The square is going to become an integral part of Ottawa. It will serve as a meeting spot for biking events, downtown concerts, fundraisers, farmers markets, and more. We wanted to help make this space feel like a space where people want to gather and make memories. We were happy to donate the plants, but it was Bones Landscaping that put the plants into their forever home at Legacy Square.

This is our plaque at Legacy Square.

Leaving a Legacy Behind

The next time you head to the square, check out the plants and see how many you can identify. There is everything from grasses, perennials, shrubs, and trees. To help you out, here’s a list of some of the plants we donated: Winterthur Viburnum, Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass, Woods Pink Aster, Big Blue Liriope, Northwind Switchgrass, Little Spire Russian Sage, Birch Leaf Spirea, Ogon Spirea, Glenleven Linden, Legacy (perfect name for the square, right?) Sugar Maple, Dura-Heat Birch Clumps, Perfecta Juniper, and Heritage Oak. We hope you enjoy the plants if you visit the square, and we hope they will provide a backdrop for many memories to come!

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