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Meet Virginia!

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We at Loma Vista Nursery are not only proud of our plants, but we are also proud of our operations and the people who work here, which is why we are featuring blogs and videos about the people who make up our incredible team and how we run our nursery.

Introducing: Virginia

Virginia has been with Loma Vista Nursery for five years. Our nursery operations consist of many steps from the time we first propagate our plants to when they are shipped out of the nursery. Virginia is vital to one of the last steps in our process. Once our plants are pulled and brought to the shipping dock, it is her job to process the plants before they are loaded into the trucks. She and her team add tags to the plants, and while she does so, it is her job to make sure that the plants are in tip-top shape for our customers. She does a final check on the plants to ensure there are no weeds in the pots, that any dead leaves are removed, that the plants are fully rooted and healthy, and that the overall quality of the plants best represent the type of products we want to ship to customers. If she finds any plants that she deems unworthy to be shipped, she replaces them.

She is one of the hardest workers here at Loma Vista Nursery, but she is also one of the kindest and happiest. Virginia always comes in to work with a smile, and everyone on the nursery knows what her laugh sounds like because she is constantly in a good mood. She makes it a point to personally know everyone at work. If you are ever in a bad day, Virginia will be the first one to cheer you up.

A Legacy of Plants

Virginia is not the only one in her family that works with plants. Both her father and her mother worked in the plant industry, and it is them that passed their love of plants down to her. She inherited her love of roses from her father (Red Drift Roses are her favorite), and she also loves peach-colored peonies and azaleas because they smell good. When Virginia is not working with plants, she enjoys going on walks, exercising, and shopping, but her absolute favorite thing in the world is spending time with her daughter and her son.

above: Virginia, Pedro, and Angie (all in the shipping department)

A Workplace Full of Opportunity 

Virginia is proud to work at Loma Vista Nursery. She loves the people she works with and the nature of her job, but what she appreciates most about the company is the opportunity it gives people. “I want to thank Lyndsi and Mark for all the opportunities they give people here,” she says. Loma Vista Nursery is a place where everyone works hard, has respect for one another, and works together, and this is all in part because of the management here at the nursery. Virginia started out as a nursery laborer, but now she is in charge of an entire team of people. Lyndsi and Mark’s goal is to build a legacy of caring for plants but also for caring for people as well. They do this by hiring good people and then treating them well each and every day at work. “I have so much respect for the people I work for,” Virginia says, “and I have learned so many things working here.” Virginia works hard each and every day here because she wants to ensure we send out the best plants we can because she wants to make the nursery proud. She embodies the team spirit that we here at Loma Vista stride for.

Come Work With Us (And Virginia!)

Interested in joining our team at Loma Vista Nursery? Check out our career page HERE or contact us  for general inquiries. Email: sales@lomavistanursery.com Phone: (785) 229-7200 

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