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Oh deer, what shall we do?

Hungry deer have taken to suburban life, munching on landscaping plants, tree bark and other plentiful food sources in the area. Protect your landscaping investments by adding deer resistant plants.

Our plant experts have selected the best plants for deer resistance to help you protect your landscaping. Take note, “deer-resistant” does not correlate to “deer-proof,” if food options are limited, your neighborhood deer might stop in for a snack.

Top Plants for Deer Resistance


Common varieties like Boxwood Green Velvet and Sprinter® are perfect for hedges, year-round color and deer resistance. Boxwoods contain alkaloids that are distasteful to deer, making it perfect for suburban areas. Plant in USDA Zones 4 to 9.


Crape Myrtle

Add colorful interest with Enduring Summer Red Crape Myrtle. Plant in sunny locations for this shrub to reach a mature height and spread of 4 to 5 feet. Our plant experts love the emerging red foliage which matures to dark green. Add this shrub to Zone 6 to 10 landscapes.



Easy to grow and maintain, spirea is a versatile shrub for any landscape. Plant in Zones 3 to 9 and enjoy three seasons of interest. Spirea offers long-lasting delicate blooms, colorful foliage and attracts pollinators. Our plant experts recommend Proven Winners Double Play® Candy Corn®, Little Princess and Magic Carpet.

Russian Sage

Silvery-gray foliage supports light purple blooms on this Zone 5 to 9 shrub. It is drought tolerant and provides excellent deer resistance. Plant in smaller spaces as it reaches a mature height and spread of 2 feet. Fragrant blooms create a sense of relaxation within the landscape and help keep deer away.


Dazzling blooms provide a sweet fragrance on this Zone 3 to 8 plant. For higher yields, plant in Zones 5 to 8. Peonies offer stunning cut flowers with their enlightening blooms. Mature plants reach 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. While keeping deer away, peonies are also perfect for improving one’s mental and physical health. Peony scent is extracted and used in numerous essential oils.


Commonly called Adam’s Needle, yucca grows in Zones 5 to 10. Other varieties can be grown in Zones 3 to 11. Add height and interest into your landscape as the flowering stock shots up in late spring on mature plants. With the flowering stalk, plants can reach up to 8 feet tall. Deer resistant, drought and salt tolerant qualities make this plant a perfect addition to urban landscapes.


With over 700,000 deer in Kansas (Kansas Department Wildlife, Parks and Tourism 2020), it’s essential for homeowners to plant deer resistant varieties to ensure landscaping investments. With our plant expert recommendations, your landscape will be prepared for hungry deer this fall and winter season.

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