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Our Groundcover Guide: What to Consider

The solution to all your landscape problems is here! Groundcovers are the perfect solution for bare spots in landscapes as they are versatile and easy to maintain. They even help to prevent weeds from growing so you enjoy more free time. Groundcovers can also help to add variety and color to your yard with many different varieties.

Planting Groundcovers:

To plant groundcovers prepare the site the same as any other permanent plant. The amount of spacing between plants depends on varieties so make sure to plant with spacing for them to grow into! Water plants until they are well established into the landscape. If possible, plant in the spring so the groundcover will be established before the winter.

Selecting Groundcovers:

Selecting the right plant for your area is the top priority. Each plant thrives when put into its favorite environment.  LAMIUM maculatum Purple Dragon are good in shade whereas LYSIMACHIA Creeping Jenny are better in sunny spots. Make sure to select a variety that matches your soil, for example some groundcover varieties are better for clay or sandy soil.  When purchasing a plant simply use the information on the tag to decide which ground cover plants will be best for your landscape.

Our Favorite Groundcovers:

SEDUM Stonecrop Dragon’s Blood

Beside’s the cool name this sedum is one of our favorites as it has a unique red coloring. It adds variety to the landscape especially paired with other groundcovers. There are many varieties of sedum out there so make sure to add them to your bare spots!

Our crop of SEDUM Stonecrop Dragon’s Blood


LYSIMACHIA Creeping Jenny

Groundcovers are know to fill in extra spaces within a landscape and the Creeping Jenny does just that.  It is perfect for adding a lower layer of height within your pots or flower beds. It has a simple light green coloring to blend with almost any landscape and adds a cascading effect.

photo cred: Proven Winners


DELOSPERMA Fire Spinner 

We love the pop of color this groundcover can add to your landscape, it’s blooms have the perfect shades of summer. It also creates dimension to your landscape with a three foot maturity height.

Cover image photo credit: Pexels

Have Questions About Plants?

We may be a wholesale grower, but our staff are experts in the field. What’s more, is we love helping people learn more and understand more about plants. We grow healthy plants, and we want our plants (and any plants really) to be successful in the landscapes they are planted in.  Feel free to email us at sales@lomavistanursery.com or call us at (785) 229-7200 if you ever have plant-related questions.

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