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Our Production Message

We may have new messaging, but that does not mean our values and operations are new. Our new messaging is a tool to better communicate and showcase what we at Loma Vista Nursery have been doing all along.

Our production message:

Production Centric~  Loma Vista Nursery – we grow plants we are proud of!

Simply put: we take pride in the products we grow, and we want them to be successful in the landscapes, retails, end users, etc. that they end up in. Our nursery would not be what it is today without the production processes we have in place. Everything that we do—from propagation to potting to watering—has been intentionally put in place to ensure our plants are the healthiest and have the best quality.

How do we grow the healthiest plants?

1. Make the best liners to start :

We make the majority of our liners in house. Because of that, our plants are acclimated to our climate which experiences all of the Midwest extremes: hot summers and bitter cold winters. This ensures our plants will be successful throughout the Midwest and Mountain territory we service.

Pictured: Our first potting this year

2. Pick the best/most successful plants to grow:

We research and test all the varieties we grow before we sell them. To do this, we seek out information from industry experts, customers, others to ensure we have the right plants for the markets we service.


3. Growing good plants takes time :

Quality plants take lots of time and care. We put multiple trims to build the body on a plants, make sure they have adequate space and the right water & nutrient requirements, and use meticulous care in overwintering. We also try to keep them pest free, and we don’t spray just to spray; we use IPM BMPs.

pictured: Our state-of-the-art electrostatic mist blower

4. Train our team:

We are on an island here growing in Kansas, so we seek out other resources to educate ourselves. This includes growers that we can learn from, training we attend (i.e.  Cultivate, IPPS, Perennial Plant Association, Field Days, etc.) The more knowledgeable our team is, the better our plants are.



Stay tuned for blog posts about more of our Core Messages coming in the next few weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at sales@lomavistanursery.com or (785) 229-7200

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