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Our Service Message!

We may have new messaging, but that does not mean our values and operations are new. Our new messaging is a tool to better communicate and showcase what we at Loma Vista Nursery have been doing all along. This week we are featuring our service message. When we boil down our business, our goals all come back to our customers. Everything we do is to serve our customers to the best of our abilities.

Our service message:

Service Driven ~ At Loma Vista Nursery, we do everything with integrity and our customer in mind:
healthy plants, timely delivery, unrivaled value.

Let’s break down the message:

1. Healthy plants.

Our plants are of the highest quality, and we ensure that they are the healthiest they can be due to the practices we have in place at our nursery. Thomas, our plant health and irrigation manager, routinely checks and addresses out plants with the rest of his team. He treats our plants with the most up-to-date standards and treatments. On top of having an amazing health manager on staff, we have also recently been SANC certified. SANC stands for a Systems Approach to Nursery Certification; it’s a new certification administered by the National Plant Board, and it’s goal is to go above and beyond federal regulations and practices. To read more about how we were awarded our SANC certification, check out our article in Nursery Management HERE.

above: Lyndsi, our Vice President, receiving our SANC certificate at The Western trade show this year.

2. Timely delivery.

We have a wide range of customers and states we ship to in the Midwest and Mountain regions, but luckily we have an awesome shipping team to make sure our plants reach out customers on time. It first starts with our growers who make sure our plants are fully grown and ready for when our customers want them during the season, and then it’s the job of our sales team to process those orders. Once the orders are made, then our shipping team takes over. They gather all of the plants for each load, and then the plants go through a thorough quality control check where the plants get watered, fertilized, and assessed to make sure they match our standards of both health and quality. Our shipping team then configures and schedules our trucks to deliver the orders. The final stage of the process is when our great drivers safely and securely deliver our plants to our customers.

above: Thomas, our plant health manager.

3. Unrivaled value.

We care about our customers, and we don’t want them to break the bank when ordering from us. This is why our plants are competitively priced. On top of our every day great value, we also offer special plant sales each month on items that we know our customers want because we want to reward our customers for doing business with us while also encouraging them to stay with us.


Stay tuned for blog posts about more of our Core Messages coming in the next few weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at sales@lomavistanursery.com or (785) 229-7200

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