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Plant Highlight: Caryopteris

We are in the homestretch of summer and are beginning to inch towards fall. Some summer-blooming flowers may be spent and seeding at this point, and it is too early for some fall interest plants. The good news is we have just the plant for you this time of year.


Caryopteris, sometimes known by its common name of bluebeard for its flower color and shape, is a favorite among many for late summer to fall interest. They are already in bloom this time of year, so you may see their pops of blue in landscapes around you. If you have never heard of caryopteris, have been on the fence about planting it, or want some more reasons to convince your spouse to plant even more caryopteris in your yard, here are a few.

Dark Knight Caryopteris (above)

Top Reasons to Plant Caryopteris

1. Extended flowering times: Caryopteris begins flowering in the latter part of the summer, and it continues to do so for up to eight weeks depending on fall weather. Unlike other shrubs, you do not need to constantly dead-head the flowers to keep the plant in bloom. They are a great way to add interest to your yard for this time of year.

2. Attracting honeybees: In a time when honeybee populations are dwindling, you can do a good deed by planting great sources of pollen for the bees. Caryopteris is great for attracting honeybees, so by planting them, you are helping out the ecosystem around you.

Honeybee enjoying a caryopteris flower (above)

3. Prolific flowers: We cannot talk about caryopteris without talking about their blue beards (aka their flowers)! These plants have a vivid, blue flower with a fun, spiky shape to it. Not only are the flowers pretty, but the amount of flowers these plants produce are unreal. You can expect many constant blooms on these shrubs.

Our crop of Caryopteris Dark Knight (above)

4. Nice foliage: Most caryopteris, such as the Dark Knight and Beyond Midnight® varieties, have a nice, green color to them that accents the blue flowers. Some varieties though have a lemon-colored leaf that creates a dynamic pop of color in your landscape. Sunshine Blue® II is one such variety to check out for their yellow leaves.

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