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Plant Highlight: Sprinter Boxwood


Boxwood is one of the most utilized plants in yards and landscapes. There are actually quite a few different boxwood varieties that are used, and each variety has its own features that sets it apart.  Sprinter® (Buxus microphylla) is a newer boxwood developed by Proven Winners®. This boxwood is a great shrub to use for hedges, a standalone shrub, or container features. If you are looking to add a boxwood feature in your landscape, Sprinter® may be the one for you. Today we are going to highlight why Sprinter® is one of our favorite boxwood varieties and why you should consider using it whether you are an amateur gardener or an expert landscaper.

Top Reasons to Plant Sprinter® Boxwood

1. Faster growing: Some boxwood are known to grow at a slow pace but not this one! Like its name suggests, Sprinter® takes less time to grow and mature than its relatives. This helps it fill out in landscapes in a shorter amount of time.

2. Little to no trimming: Sprinter® is a compact boxwood that only grows around two to four feet in height and spread.  This makes it  a great, low-maintenance option for both experts and amateurs to include in yards and landscapes because it holds its shape and does not grow too large.

3. Glossy leaves: Compared to other boxwood such as Green Velvet, Sprinter® has glossier leaves and a slightly more vibrant color. We think it is by far the most attractive of the boxwood varieties, so who would not want that for their landscape? Check out the photo below to see for yourself!

4. Hardy: Boxwood in general are known to have some common issues, but Sprinter® manages to conquer many of them. Some boxwood get winter  bronzing, but Sprinter® gets little to no bronzing. Here at our nursery in Ottawa, Kansas, Sprinters® withstand even our worst and most inconsistent winters. Also, Sprinter® seems to be resistant to Volutella, a fungal blight that affects boxwood and other plants.

5. Full sun or shade: Typically shrubs have a preference for sun or shade, but not Sprinter®! Feel free to put them in a fully sunny area or an area that receives little sun. Either way, your Sprinter® will thrive.

Sprinter® is pretty cool, right?

Now you see why we are so in love with this boxwood. If you are now just as obsessed as we are, you can learn even more about Sprinter® on its Official Page.

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