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Ready, Set, Grow: Engage Kids with Fun Gardening Activities

Gardening helps kids learn valuable lessons in everything from biology and weather to math and cooking. Getting outside to plant and grow things is also fun, rewarding and an easy way to get away from devices and screens.

There is a wealth of information that supports the many benefits of gardening. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology shows that active interaction with plants and trees lowers stress. Being outside improves vitamin D levels, which is important in building health and wellness. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that gardening is an excellent way to exercise.

Ellie brought a special visitor to the nursery!

Here are some ways to get your kids engaged with gardening and spark a lifelong interest in growing.

Plant a tree to commemorate 2020 and add new interest to your outdoor space. Teach kids about the parts of the tree, including the roots, trunk, leaves, branches and crown. Look for our fun blog post[hyperlink] that offers a downloadable, hands-on learning toolkit you can use with youngsters at home.

Buy and plant shrubs, perennials or groundcovers and share step-by-step instructions for planting. Start with finding a safe place to dig and show how to dig a hole, carefully break up roots, place plants in the ground, gently pack dirt around the top and water them in. Encourage kids to try it for themselves and to get their hands dirty in the best way!


Adrienne loves the shrubs in our Boxwood house.

Talk about the importance of beneficial pollinators and create a pollinator garden together with perennial plants like Echinacea (coneflower), Salvia, Hibiscus and Achillea (yarrow), among others.

For rainy-day fun, paint rocks to serve as garden markers for plants, shrubs and trees.

The joy of gardening includes taking care of the landscape and watching how it changes through the seasons. Involve kids by having them check on plants and ask older kids to take charge of watering. As the cool season arrives, start the learning and growing cycle over again with varieties that do well  when planted in late summer or early fall, including grasses, flowering shrubs and trees.


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