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Our Spring Tree Selection: Royal Raindrops Crabapple


Today is a great day to get outside into the fresh air and tend to your beloved plants. To celebrate, we are going to highlight one of our favorite trees. We are now full-swing into spring. The shrubs and perennials in your landscape are probably blooming, but what about your trees? There are quite a few different blooming trees that can add a pop of color into your yard during springtime.

One of our favorite springtime trees is the Royal Raindrops Crabapple. Crabapples in general are popular trees because of their blooms, foliage, and their growing habitat. They don’t get as big as shade trees, so they act as nice landscape accents to any yard size, both big and small, since they don’t get over 20 feet. Here’s what sets the Royal Raindrops apart from other crabapple varieties.

Why Royal Raindrops?

1. Flowers: The spring blooms of the Royal Raindrops are perhaps the tree’s most sought-after feature. The tree has vibrant, magenta flowers that emerge for the month of April, and they completely take over the entirety of the crabapple’s branches creating a pink cloud atop the trunk.

2. Leaves: The leaves have a unique purple and emerald color. This makes them stand out in contrast to the green foliage on other trees around it.

3. Year-round interest:The Royal Raindrops’ interest doesn’t stop after it’s spring blooms go away. In the summer, its purple leaves make a statement, and then in the fall, they turn to a vibrant orange-red color. After it loses its leaves, the Royal Raindrops still holds onto its red fruit (aka the ‘raindrops’ it is named for) throughout the winter.

4.Hardy: Unlike some other crabapple varieties, Royal Raindrops are resistant to most diseases. They are also both heat and drought tolerant. In fact, they prefer full-sun, so the success rates for this tree are sky-high.

5. And more!: These trees have so many excellent qualities to them, which might make you wonder why you don’t have one in your yard already. To learn more about them and to see other photos of them, check out their information page HERE.

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