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New Little Lime Punch™ Hydrangea

Summertime Gets Even Sweeter

We’re looking forward to sweet summertime and a little lime punch. Of course, we enjoy ours in a champagne coupe. This season, we’re also drinking in the deliciousness of Proven Winners® ColorChoice® new Little Lime Punch™ panicle hydrangea as it swirls to market. Proven Winners® ColorChoice® photo Just like its Little Lime® cousin, Little Lime…

Plant an Array of Colors

Improve Your Health

Vibrant hues of pink, yellow and red pull your focus into the garden while subtle foliage colors like green and maroon create a calming effect. A colorful landscape or garden provides an encompassing experience. Through utilizing the colors of the rainbow, your landscape or garden can create the same effect. Explore our plant expert’s colorful…

All About Hostas

Top varieties and more from our plant experts

Hostas are long-lived and low maintenance. The American Hosta Society calls hostas “The Friendship Plant” because you will often make friends while sharing your hostas and making visits to others’ gardens. One of the major health benefits to gardening is the way being outside and connecting with others who share your interest and hobbies, allowing…