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Petal Variety

A Rose of Another Color is Just as Sweet

We love them, don’t we – those crimson roses that smell so sweet, energize our bodies and provide pleasure to our brains? Red roses elicit feelings of love, passion and longing, while the color red is a physical stimulant associated with excitement. And then there are roses of other colors and we love them just…

Let Me Count the Ways: 5 Reasons We Love these Rose Varieties

There’s a reason why roses inspire poets and often sell out on Valentine’s Day. Actually, there are all kinds of reasons: Color: Sure, roses are red but there is a real palette of possibilities to add vibrancy to outdoor landscapes. Examples of bold bloomers include Oso Easy® Paprika, Easy Elegance® Coral Cove and Easy Elegance®…

Easy Does It: Easy Elegance Roses Are Small and Mighty

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, as the saying goes, but might not be as simple to grow. Easy Elegance® roses, a cultivar series created by Bailey Nurseries of St. Paul, Minn., are designed to be both elegant and easy to grow. Dubbed the “fuss proof” rose, Easy Elegance roses combine…