Loma Vista Nursery News

Welcome To Our New Website!

Since you’re reading this blog post, you’ve successfully navigated to our new website. Besides looking darn good, our new website has many new features and updates that we are excited to share with customers. We developed a new website because we wanted to better serve our customers (and because we wanted a handsome looking site). Here are a few of the new additions we’ve added to the site:

  1. Catalog: Now online, customers can find our entire plant catalog on the ‘Catalog’ page. This page allows for customers to search for specific plants, apply filters (plant type, zone, light exposure), and scroll through all of our plant materials.
  2. Pricing Tool: On any page, prospective customers can click the ‘Get Pricing’ icon in order to get direct pricing and quotes from us.
  3. Online Order Form: This is the feature we are most excited about! Customers can now order online and see our current and future availability by clicking the ‘Availability Login’ icon. A more thorough explanation of how this new feature works can be found here:
  4. Shipping: Our new ‘Shipping’ page has an interactive map displaying our shipping territories. Customers can click on the map to find the sales representative they need to contact for their region.
  5. Facility Page: One of our current goals is to give our current and prospective customers a better idea of how we run our nursery, so to help achieve that goal, we have added a ‘Facility’ page located underneath the ‘About’ tab. Head to this page to learn about our facility operations.
  6. What We Grow: Underneath the ‘What We Grow’ tab, customers can find the different categories of plants we grow including Perennials & Groundcovers, Potted Trees, Field Trees, Shrubs, Roses, and Grasses. These pages serve to inform customers about what categories of plants we grow and also featuring highlights of some of them.
  7. Branded Plants: Loma Vista is a Gold Key Grower for Proven Winners, and we also are certified growers of Knockout Roses, Drift Series Roses, First Editions Roses, and Star Roses & Plants. On these pages, customers can see some of the branded plants we grow and supply.
  8. Blogs: Our blog will frequently update customers about Loma Vista-related news and happenings.

Our new website has as lot to offer, so please take your time to explore the whole site and see all it has to offer (and to revel in how gorgeous it is). Then head to the ‘Contact Us’ page to reach us, so we can help you set up an order today!