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Your Fall Color Tour Starts at Home

You don’t need to hit the highway or backroads for a fall color tour. Create your own vibrant show by planting trees and shrubs that deliver favorite hues of the season, from rich golds and spectacular yellows to fiery reds and soothing bronzes.

The autumn sky’s the limit with a wide range of trees and plants that deliver appealing foliage color, along with intriguing shapes and textures. Good news: you can plant some of these beauties now and sit back and enjoy the scenery in a couple of months.

Here are some of our favorite varieties that will enliven your fall landscape and vista:

Maple trees: Autumn Blaze, October Glory, Fall Fiesta

Our crop of Acer freemani Autumn Blaze.

As their names suggest, these maples light up your property in fall. The Autumn Blaze, also known as Acer freemanii ‘Jeffersred’, is a rapid-growing maple with a mature height of 50 feet and a spread of 40 feet. The October Glory maple offers glowing dark red foliage and is one of the last maples to have fall color and drop its leaves. Get the party started with the Fall Fiesta sugar maple that grows quickly to a mature height of 80 feet, with dark green summer foliage that turns orange-red in autumn.

Oak trees: Crimson Spire Oak, Northern Red Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Scarlet Oak

Our crop of Northern Red Oak.

Crimson Spire Oak is a mildew- and drought-resistant columnar hybrid of red and white oaks with a rusty red fall color.  We grow this tree, and the Northern Red Oak, with brilliant red color and a uniform canopy, in our fields and containers. For seasonal interest, we also like the Sawtooth Oak that leafs out in spring and summer with glossy dark green foliage that later turns brown or yellowish-brown.  The large Scarlet Oak has distinctive deeply cut leaves with pointed edges that lend excellent fall color.

Shrubs: Burning Bush Fire Ball®, Brandywine™ Viburnum, Fire Light® Hydrangea

Our crop of Proven Winners Fire Light® Hydrangeas.

Plant shrubs now for a palette-popping autumn! The Burning Bush Fire Ball shrub, with the botanic name Euonymus alatus Fire Ball, is a compact shrub that really does resemble a fireball when cooler temperatures arrive. We also love Brandywine viburnum, with a gorgeous fall color accented by dark berries. If you love hydrangeas in the height of summer, you’ll really enjoy the Fire Light® hydrangea as the seasons turn, thanks to its creamy-white flowers that transform into a warm red shade.

Discover the many shades of fall, with details on ideal zones and planting conditions, by browsing our online catalog.

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