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Loma Vista Nursery ships frequently to the Oklahoma City area. With an ever-growing customer base, this allows us to be competitive with shipping rates and


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Before the fine, thread-like, foliage emerges, showy white flowers appear in spring, then bright yellow leaves take over, edged in red. With maturity, the foliage turns an attractive chartreuse. Lemony Lace® Elderberry maintains a compact, shaggy mound with elegant texture and will produce red fruit in fall as well.

This is a striking semi-evergreen tree with creamy-white, lemon scented flowers that sit in front of glossy green leaves in spring. Whether used as a border or shade tree, the Sweetbay Magnolia is an elegant flowering tree and can enhance any landscape. Will grow 12’-20’ tall at maturity. Receive a Sweetbay Magnolia from your Midwest wholesale grower and supplier in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This butterfly bush, considered a dwarf, will bloom non-stop from early summer through frost with true-blue flowers, each with a tiny yellow-orange eye in the center. Sturdy stems give the Pugster Blue® an improved hardiness and winter survival over other dwarf varieties in the butterfly bush family. This makes a great addition to a landscape or flower garden with fragrant flowers and drought tolerance.

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Loma Vista Nursery takes pride in shipping high quality, healthy nursery stock in a timely manner. We use both our own trucks as well as common carrier options to deliver your plant material at the lowest cost alternative available. Our nursery is centrally located, so wherever you are, we can get plant material to you with limited time in transit. Whether you prefer your order stacked or on racks, our


processing department goes through your order prior, meticulously, ensuring quality, health and consistency. Then our shipping department communicates with you, striving to let you know all the information your need so you are ready to receive your beautiful plant material. Shipping is made easy with your Midwest wholesale grower and supplier in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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