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A Great Summer Plant: Echinacea

Summer is a busy time of year where every weekend seems to be filled up with fun activities and trips, and because of this, it can be easy to neglect your yard and landscape. With the sun in full force, your plants can quickly grow and get away from you. If you are a busybody in the summer, you should consider finding low-maintenance, hardy plants that look great with minimal effort. Luckily we have just the plant for you.


Echinacea is perhaps one of the most quintessential summer plants. Also know as Coneflowers, they are indigenous to North America and bloom throughout the summer in the fields throughout the US. These perennials are extremely hardy and can withstand hot, summer days. Here are a few reasons you should consider planting them.


Top Reasons to Plant Echinacea

1. Native to North America: Echinacea is indigenous to North America, and since it is from here, it is sure to survive and thrive. These native plants will do more than just survive in your yard. They also help to feed natural vegetation and promote the local habitat because they already are an established member of this continent’s native plants.

2. Beautiful & Continuous Blooms: These flowers bloom again and again starting in early to mid-summer and continue until frost season. You will have months of vibrant blooms that will add continuous color to any yard. The native varieties have purple or pink flowers, but new varieties also come in red, orange, yellow, green, and white.

Our crop of Adobe Sangrita Echinacea

3. Easy to Maintain: Planting is simple when the crop can be grown almost anywhere in North America. Echinacea requires low amounts of water and bloom from midsummer to fall. Most varieties are drought and heat tolerant for long summer months.

4. Attracts Wanted Wildlife: These flowers do more than just look pretty. Echinacea attracts both butterflies and songbirds. There is nothing better than sitting outside on a summer day with a cold lemonade in hand while watching butterflies fly around your garden, and these coneflowers can help you do just that.

5. Health Benefits: Echinacea is well-known to have a lot of medicinal properties. The flowers can be cultivated and used in a variety of different ways. Check out all of the properties HERE.

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