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If you are looking for larger, caliper trees, our field trees are produced in a high-quality clay-loam soil that is adaptable to many different areas. The property at Willow Springs was purchased with the quality of the soil as a huge catalyst. Prior to Loma Vista growing trees on this beautiful Douglas County property, the land was a farming operation, and consistently yielded superior crops due to the above

average soil quality. We strive to keep the integrity of this soil, constantly protecting and enriching the ground, by letting the land rest as well as using cover crops between crop cycles. The soil also translates to our customer, making tree transplant near effortless. Clean cultivation is a regular practice as well, removing and destroying any problems that may ultimately deter tree health.

The Eastern Redbud

The Eastern Redbud is a deciduous, sometimes multi-stemmed, tree with a rounded crown. The stunning pink blossoms are one of the spring season’s most beautiful displays, complementing the tree’s heart shaped, green leaves. Known as an elegant show piece, the Redbud can also be used in rows for a colorful windbreak.

  • Cercis canadensis
  • Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy

Oak Trees

Oak trees make great shade trees and many have great fall color. Known for being durable and very tolerant, Oaks offer longevity and quick growth. The vast majority of oaks are deciduous and grow very tall.

  • Swamp White
  • Northern Red
  • Sawtooth
  • Regal Prince

Upright Juniper | Juniperus

Upright junipers are durable and versatile evergreens, perfect for planting as a privacy screen windbreak, or accent. They are fast growing and can withstand many environmental conditions like wind and drought. Upright junipers will thrive in full sun and will tolerate a variety of soil conditions.

  • Taylor
  • Canaerti
  • Spartan
  • Perfecta

Healthy Growing

Loma Vista purchases tree liners from the most reputable sources available, including Carlton Plants and J. Frank Schmidt & Sons. We stake every tree to promote strong central leader growth. We also follow a strict pruning schedule,

which produces full, uniform trees and helps to maintain a strong branching structure. Close attention is paid to optimal harvest times, and Loma Vista targets 1.5” and 2.5” in caliper for harvest, depending on variety.

Loma Vista Nursery
Will Ship to You


Loma Vista Nursery grows and ships both field as well as container trees. For field grown trees, we ship several times per year specific to the harvest seasons. Container trees can always be shipped with your other plant material, and extra care is taken to make sure your trees arrive in optimal condition and ready to be sold or planted.

  • Ship field & container trees
  • Minimize the cost of freight
  • Maintain optimal conditions
  • Use flatbed and reefer trucks

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