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Fuss Proof. Growing beautiful roses is no longer a thorn in your side.


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Loma Vista Nursery  is licensed to propagate Easy Elegance®  plant material.  We have access to all Easy Elegance® marketing programs and are also introduced to their new genetics, trail methods and evaluations annually.  Easy Elegance® roses combine the eye-catching beauty of the hybrid tea rose with the low maintenance of shrub roses, giving you the best of both worlds.

Easy Elegance® Paint the Town

Paint the Town has red hybrid tea rose like blooms that cover the shrub rose all season long. Dark-green, disease resistant foliage makes the blooms pop adding a striking color to the landscape. Hardy to zones 4-9 , and reaching a height of 2-3' and 2-4' wide Paint the Town is a great addition to any landscape.

Easy Elegance® Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road has bright clusters of lemon-yellow flowers that cover the compact shrub rose. The outer petals are slightly lighter in color and the blooms will mature to a butter cream color. Yellow Brick Road has excellent resistance to Black Spot. It likes to be in full sun, is hard to zones 5-9 and will reach a mature height and width of 2-3'.

Easy Elegance® Coral Cove

Coral Cove has great color, small size, and is disease resistant. Double blooms cover this rose with an ever changing array of colors. The outer petals are dark pink, shifting into orange and finally a lovely yellow in the center. Coral Cove has beautiful dark green foliage to highlight its bright blooms. hardy to zones 4-9 and it reaches a mature height of 2-3.5' and mature width of 2-4.5'.

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