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Nursery Management 

January, 2022

Here we are, in 2022. We start the New Year where we left the past one. Our industry, like so many others, is facing unique challenges and exciting opportunities – especially in the areas of employee hiring and retention.

We’re well aware of “The Great Resignation” that began during the height of the pandemic and proceeded through all of 2021. So, I won’t rehash the well-documented statistics, reasons and projections for where we are as a national workforce and how it all impacts our industry. For that background, take a look at Charlie Hall’s research on the AmericanHort website and state-of-the-industry coverage in issues of this magazine.

For Loma Vista Nursery, “right plant, right place” is more than an education hook to help consumers understand what and where to plant. Offering a mix of natives, cultivars and nativars is a successful business model that informs this wholesale grower’s production and marketing strategy.

Greenhouse® Management 

AmericanHort names new board members, officers

April, 2021

“These individuals are leaders from across the horticulture industry and encompass various experiences, skills, and backgrounds. We are excited to welcome this group of new directors,” said Ken Fisher, president & CEO of AmericanHort. “We appreciate the dedication and commitment of our officers and the leadership they provide our organization and industry.”

Greenhouse Product News 

Finding the Green Lining 

June 2021

An opportunity lies before us. Have you heard the term green lining in relation to the global pandemic? More people are interest in plants — plants for aesthetics, plants as a hobby, plants for health, plants for nourishment, plants for the environment.


Survive & Thrive

June, 2021

At Loma Vista Nursery, when we are faced with new challenges—like working through the middle of a pandemic while balancing the strongest demand we have seen in years—we do not panic or make reactionary decisions that often prove to be very costly. By maximizing our space and using it efficiently, re-evaluating in a timely manner, building strong foundations within our team, and controlling the inputs we can, we have pushed the envelope and exceeded expectations.

– Thomas Minter, finalist in the 2021 GrowerTalks/The HC Companies Young Grower Award.

Greenhouse Product News

Loma Vista Nursery Accepting Internship Applications

Feb. 9, 2021

WKOW Midday Madison 

Tips for winterizing plants 

Dec. 1, 2020

As we get deeper in to colder weather, it’s time to start thinking about caring for your plants during the winter months! Caitlin Hupp with Loma Vista Nursery joined Midday Madison to share her top tips for winterizing plants.

WKOW Midday Madison 

Tips for keeping plants indoors

Oct. 5, 2020

As we spend more time inside, you may want to add a few plants to your decor! Caitlin Hupp, plant expert with Loma Vista Nursery, joined Midday Madison  to share her top tips on keeping indoor plants.

By emphasizing preparedness and planning, Loma Vista Nursery has been able to address the unique challenges facing the industry.

Safety and security are the foundation of business. Crises like COVID-19 and other environmental challenges illuminate weaknesses and strengths — while providing fertile ground for reflection, education and change.

Like many companies that have weathered environmental storms throughout their history, Loma Vista Nursery hones its business practices through leadership, experience and planning, and seizes challenge as an opportunity to pivot and poise for growth.

WKOW Midday Madison 

Simple ways to upgrade your landscaping

July 17, 2920

If you feel like your landscaping has been looking a little dull lately, you might want to try these tips! Caitlin Hupp  joined WKOW to share a few ways to simply upgrade your landscaping.

Nursery Management 

A winning playbook 

July 8, 2020

Whether it’s on a dusty softball field, in a corporate boardroom or on a gravel-lined nursery plot, Lyndsi Oestmann remains consistently devoted to the task at hand. Her purposeful and sincere work ethic was forged when she was a child, watching her dad play professional baseball. It was reinforced as she played competitive softball, persisted into her college studies and eventually became etched in her career. Lyndsi owns and operates Loma Vista Nursery in Ottawa, Kansas, a business that was founded by her father, Mark Clear in 1991.

Manhattan Mercury

KANSAS PROFILE | How Loma Vista Nursery grew to be a national garden supplier

May 24, 2020

“We’re focused on being the best grower we can be,” Lyndsi said. Loma Vista was a pioneer in the adoption of what is called SANC: Systems Approach to Nursery Certification, developed in partnership with regulatory agencies and the industry. In simplest terms, SANC takes a holistic approach to the processes and protocols necessary to assure plant health. “We are super proud of that,” Lyndsi said. “Our SANC handbook has become one of the national models.”

The Kansan 

Kansas profile: From baseball fields to fields of plants

May 22, 2020

Today, Loma Vista Nursery is one of the nation’s leading wholesale suppliers of plants, trees and shrubs for independent garden centers, landscape contractors, and wholesale distributors in the Midwest. The operation consists of 300 acres of containerized production at Ottawa plus a 600-acre tree farm in the Willow Springs area of Douglas County. Willow Springs is a rural township with a population of 1,409 people. Now, that’s rural.

K-State Research and Extension News

Kansas Profile – Now That’s Rural: Lyndsi Oestman, Loma Vista Nursery

May 20, 2020


By Ron Wilson, director of the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development at Kansas State University.

From pitches to plants. From hardballs to hibiscus. From the strike zone to the root zone. Those phrases are a way of describing the transition made by a Major League Baseball player who, with his daughter, has developed one of the leading plant nurseries in the nation.

Lincoln Journal Star

Now That’s Rural: Lyndsi Oestman, Loma Vista Nursery

May 20, 2020

From pitches to plants. From hardballs to hibiscus. From the strike zone to the root zone. Those phrases are a way of describing the transition made by a Major League Baseball player who, with his daughter, has developed one of the leading plant nurseries in the nation.


Nursery® Management 

Cover Story- Sailing through the Storm

May 4, 2020

Loma Vista Nursery in Ottowa, Kansas, is now applying lessons learned from the 2008 economic downturn, says president Lyndsi Oestmann. The nursery “invested thoughtfully in safety and security for our team and in the financial health of the company,” she says.

For Lyndsi Oestmann and her 150-member team at Ottawa, Kansas-based Loma Vista Nrsery, the view from here is pretty good.  Oestmann is the second-generation owner of the company founded by her dad, Mark Clear, in 1991.  Today – as the company prepares for its 30th anniversary – Oestmann has the reins of the company and is grateful to the industry that is her dad’s passion, and hers as well.

Employers looking to add to their staff while reinforcing their existing workforce might take a page from the Loma Vista Nursery handbook. Five years ago, the Ottawa, KS-based grower (and finalist for Greenhouse Grower’s Operation of the Year award in 2019) developed an out-of-the-box curriculum that continues to train new professionals for the horticulture industry, where jobs tend to be off-kilter with demand for qualified, creative talent. What’s most remarkable to Lyndsi Oestmann, Vice President of Loma Vista, is the internship program became as much about fortifying Loma Vista Nursery’s leadership and staff as adding to its talent pool…

Spring may feel like forever away, but in the plant world it’s right around the corner! Caitlin Hupp, plant expert at Loma Vista Nursery, joined us to share why right now is the best time to start thinking ahead about which blooms you’d like to see when the weather turns warm again…

A local business has received an award from their industry. Loma Vista nursery has received the excellence of sustainability award was presented to Loma Vista during the annual cultivate 10 conferences in Columbus Ohio. Loma Vista marketing consultant. Zane DeZeeuw says, “The systems approach to nursery certification was not happy with the governments’ regulations weren’t doing enough to protect the industry against pathogens and other issues, so we created our own program and Loma Vista stood out”…

The finalists for this year’s Greenhouse Grower Operation of the Year award share several traits, including an innovative approach to production, a commitment to sustainability, and a drive to build long-term success for both their respective companies, and for the plant industry as a whole. Here’s your chance to get to know this year’s finalists, each of which have already won individual honors. The winner will be announced at Cultivate’19 during Greenhouse Grower’s Medal of Excellence awards…

After a lengthy and rigorous dissection of its practices, Loma Vista Nursery entered a program that will drastically reduce pest-related risks and enrich the company. Late last year, the nursery received SANC certification. SANC — Systems Approach to Nursery Certification — is administered by the National Plant Board, a non-profit organization that includes plant pest regulatory agencies representing each of the states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Guam…


OTTAWA, Kansas – Loma Vista Nursery has received Systems Approach to Nursery Certification (SANC), administered by the National Plant Board, a non-profit organization of the plant pest regulatory agencies of each of the states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Guam. SANC is a voluntary, audit-based program for production nurseries and grower greenhouses and is designed to reduce pest risks associated with the movement of nursery stock…

Education is one of the best ways to encourage and help foster your customers’ success. Loma Vista Nursery in Ottawa, Kan., has fine-tuned its education programs throughout the years and established itself as trusted experts in the green industry. Loma Vista maintains a wholesale operation as well as a landscape distribution center. Much of the company’s educational programs are hosted through its distribution center, but it’s certainly a model that could be successful for any wholesale grower willing to invest the time…

An old limestone rock quarry on the southern edge of Ottawa, Kansas has found new life as a water source for Loma Vista Nursery’s 50 acres of trees and plants. At the same time, what may have once been considered an eyesore has been turned into an environmentally positive site visually and functionally. Mark Clear, Loma Vista’s owner, went into the nursery industry in 1991 and began the Ottawa operation in 2005…

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