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Loma Vista Nursery grows an extensive selection of grasses that will suit any need. Whether mass planting Karl Foerster grasses or just wanting to

accent a landscape with Bluestem or Switchgrass, let us help you pick the perfect grass, grown right here in the heartland.

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Loma Vista Nursery takes pride in shipping high quality, healthy nursery stock in a timely manner. We use both our own trucks as well as common carrier options to deliver your plant

material at the lowest cost alternative available. Our nursery is centrally located, so wherever you are, we can get plant material to you with limited time in transit.

Prairie Dropseed | Sporobolus Heterolepis

This native prairie grass has fine textured blades of green than turn to gold and orange in fall. Prairie Dropseed is a warm-season clump-forming grass that loves full sun and tolerates a wide range of soils, including those with heavy clay. The hair-like leaves give way to plumes in late summer and produces a unique fragrance. Prairie Dropseed is a mounding grass that will stay between 2’ and 3’ in height and width.

  • Warm season friendly
  • Tolerates various soils
  • 2-3' in height and width

Shenandoah Switch Grass | Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’

Maybe the most popular Switch Grass, the Shenandoah features beautiful red foliage. Emerging as bluish-green in Spring, this grass quickly turns to a vibrant burgundy in summer with finely textured reddish-pink panicles. This switch grass is known for a columnar form and loves the warm season and will retain its vertical shape throughout the growing season. The Shenandoah typically grows to 3’ tall but the total plant height with the flowering panicles can reach 6’ in total plant height. Loma Vista Nursery grows Shenandoah Switch Grass in several sizes from one to five gallon containers.

  • 3-6' tall
  • 1-5 gallon containers
  • Warm season friendly

Little Bluestem | Schizachyrium Scoparium

This grass is a staple for Loma Vista Nursery. Known as the Kansas State Grass, Little Bluestem is a native grass, extremely low maintenance and will tolerate all kinds of soils. This ornamental grass is great for borders as well as group or mass plantings to produce a prairie-like setting. Little Bluestem can vary a little in mature size depending on the variety but will typically grow to 3-4’ tall and stay less than 2’ in spread. Loma Vista Nursery currently has the following Little Bluestem varieties in production: The Blues, Prairie Blues, Twilight Zone, Standing Ovation, Blue Heaven & Carousel

  • 3-4’ tall
  • Low maintenance
  • Tolerates all soil types
  • Native grass

Centrally Located
in the Midwest

Loma Vista Nursery is centrally located in the Midwest which increases our accessibility to many major markets like Chicago, Denver, Des

Moines, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Omaha and St. Louis. Did we mention Kansas City is in our backyard?

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