The Knockout® Family
of Roses

The Most Widely Sold
Rose in North America


The Knockout® Family of Roses are very easy to grow and require very little maintenance. Offered in many colors, they can be planted in large groups to create a hedge or can be used individually to stand out among other plants. The Knock Out® Roses love the sun and will produce blooms from Spring to frost. Typical mature size is 3’-4’ in height and width. Some of our favorites include The Sunny Knock Out®

Rose, which is the only fragrant member of The Knock Out® Family and The Double Knock Out® Rose has full double flowers and holds the look of a classic rose. If you’re looking for beautiful roses to add to your rose collection, the Knock Out® Family of Roses are ones to add to your collection. The vibrant look and enchanting smells will bring you in for more.

The Sunny Knock Out® Rose - Rosa ‘Radsunny’

The Sunny Knock Out® Roses is the only fragrant members of The Knock Out® Family. The bright yellow flowers fade to a cream color throughout the season with the yellow color staying more intense during cooler months. The Sunny Knock Out® Rose has a slightly more compact and upright habit those others in The Family, and the green semi-glossy foliage produces a beautiful contrast to the vibrant blooms.

​​The Double Knock Out® Rose - Rosa ‘Radtko’

The Double Knock Out® Rose has full double flowers and the look of a classic rose. With improved winter hardiness over the original Knock Out Rose this next generation beauty also brings a near maintenance free growth habit. This rose continually produces self-cleaning red flowers and unmatched resistance to black spot and downy mildew. Whether in a low hedge or accent these are easy addition or focal point to any landscape

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