Nursery Contract Growing Program

The custom grown plants
you need, when you need them

Save time, energy,
stress and cost


Do you have a large or specialized project coming up? Or, do you simply have a distribution need and want to ensure availability? Either way, let’s plan ahead and we’ll grow them for you. The key to a successful contract grow and

program is communicating planning. Lead time depends on the variety of plants as well as the time of year you want the material, so the sooner we start discussing the better! Save time, energy, and cost with Loma.

Specialized Material

With a contract growing program, you’ll have your specialized plant material when you need it. Whether picked up at the nursery or delivered

by us on racks, we have a proven track record of getting our customers consistent and timely plant material for their contract jobs and needs.

Request Pricing & Availability Today

Loma Vista Nursery is a wholesale nursery servicing independent retail garden centers, landscape contractors, and wholesale distributors. If you would like pricing, please provide us with some basic information about your company and your needs.