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Proven Winners® Color Choice® Flowering Shrubs

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Gold Key Growers partner with Proven Winners to propagate plants material that exclusive to the Proven Winners brand. Gold Key Growers are able to attain new genetics an entire year before they even hit the market. We are also privy to the pull-through marketing strategies used by Proven Winners to help our customers better understand how these tools can drive business to them. Proven Winners has a couple of features to take note of. First off, plant material will come

in a white, branded pot. All Proven Winners grown plants will arrive in those pots, with a special tag and stake with information about that plant. Also, the white Proven Winners pots are true gallon container sizes and will be noted as such on our availability. If you see a size a notation that reads 3PW from Loma Vista Nursery, that means it is a full Three (3) gallon pot (similar in volume to a #5 or trade 5 gallon size) from the Proven Winners brand.

Gem Box® Inkberry Holly

This new dwarf, broadleaf evergreen shrub is a great native alternative to Boxwood. It truly looks more like a boxwood than an inkberry, with a dense, ball-shaped look. The Gem Box Ilex has dark green leaves with attractive tips during the spring flush. They look great as a small hedge with good branching all the way to the ground. The Gem Box produces berries and has a mounding growth habit of 24-36” in height and width.

Fine Line® Buckthorn

The Fine Line® is truly a great landscape plant, that combines the feathery foliage of ‘Asplenifolia’ with the narrow upright habit of ‘Columnaris.’ It can be used in a narrow hedgerow for privacy or as an accent plant to stand alone. The Fine Line® can be seen framing an entrance in residential or commercial use as well. It truly has so many options for use. The Fine Line® is drought tolerant, with Fall Interest and will get 6-7’ tall while staying 2-3’ wide.

Bloomerang® Dwarf Lilac

​Building on the popularity of the Bloomerang® Lilac is the new and improved Bloomerang® Dwarf. Available in Pink and Purple, these produce even more flowers and offer increased disease resistance. The Bloomerang® Dwarf, will carry a smaller growth habit, hence its name, but still keeps the sweet fragrance as well as the healthy nature and vigorous growth to maturity.

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