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Loma Vista Nursery is licensed to propagate shrubs in the Star Roses & Plants line. We constantly evaluate new varieties of Woody Plants, assessing their features and benefits to see if they’re a fit for our mix. We are a loyal grower & supplier of shrubs from Star Roses & Plants. We believe growing and supplying

shrubs from Star Roses & Plants allows our customers to have countless varieties of shrubs. Our variations of spring-like shrubs hold vibrant colors that can sprinkle your home with a pop of color. We also carry deep fall-colored shrubs that can transform any brisk day into a chipper one.

CranRazz™ Butterfly Bush - Buddleia CranRazz™

CranRazz™ has a beautiful cranberry red color that attracts pollinators and gardeners alike! CranRazz™ blooms from spring until mid-fall, it panicles reach 8" long. It is heat tolerant and will reach 5-6' in height and 5' wide and is great for zones 5-10.

​​Fire Chief™ Thuja - Thuja ‘Congabe’

This variation to the Rheingold variety is a beautiful globe-shaped shrub with bright gold color in spring and moves to a fantastic deep red in fall. In addition to the improvements in color, this variety is also less prone to splitting, making it a low maintenance evergreen, ideal for mass grouping or a beautiful focal point with surrounding plants. The Fire Chief™ loves the sun and will reach 3-4’ in height and width.

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