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Loma Vista Nursery is licensed to propagate shrubs in the Star Roses & Plants line. We constantly evaluate new varieties of Woody Plants, assessing their features and benefits to see if they’re a fit for our mix. We are a loyal grower & supplier of shrubs from Star Roses & Plants. We believe growing and supplying

shrubs from Star Roses & Plants allows our customers to have countless varieties of shrubs. Our variations of spring-like shrubs hold vibrant colors that can sprinkle your home with a pop of color. We also carry deep fall-colored shrubs that can transform any brisk day into a chipper one.

Sem False Spirea - Sorbaria sorbifolia ‘Sem’

This is a great compact plant with fern-like foliage in spring showing bronze leaves with vivid pink stripes. In summer, this dense shrub gains showy white plumes, and fall foliage proves to be bright red and orange. The Sem loves sun, so its both heat and drought tolerant. It looks great as an accent or border and will grow to 4’-6’ in height and width

​​Fire Chief™ Thuja - Thuja ‘Congabe’

This variation to the Rheingold variety is a beautiful globe-shaped shrub with bright gold color in spring and moves to a fantastic deep red in fall. In addition to the improvements in color, this variety is also less prone to splitting, making it a low maintenance evergreen, ideal for mass grouping or a beautiful focal point with surrounding plants. The Fire Chief™ loves the sun and will reach 3-4’ in height and width.

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