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With varieties sporting fresh-sounding names like Green Velvet, Sprinter, Green Mountain and Wintergreen, you can be assured Loma Vista Nursery is one of the top producers of SANC-certified boxwood in the Midwest, ensuring strict health and quality standards are met for all our plants. As expert growers, we are excited to share more about this beautiful evergreen. Let’s start with our varieties.

Green Velvet is the perfect low-maintenance evergreen.

Boxwood Sprinter® from Proven Winners offers extra winter hardiness and slightly faster growing abilities.

With its slightly upright figure, Green Mountain is great for fountain or hedge plantings.

Wintergreen offers green foliage and is great for Midwest landscapes.


Loma Vista Nursery is proud to grow luscious and healthy plants for its Midwest customers. You’ll find these outstanding, easy-care varieties at most independent garden centers. Once you get your boxwood home, follow these key tips for maintaining the health of your evergreen and to help prevent boxwood blight.


First, know the signs. Boxwood blight is a fungus that appears on the evergreen’s lower branches. A key sign is cankers (or black streaks) on green stems. Watch leaves for brown circular spots with darker borders. Boxwood blight causes leaf loss, which can make young plants die and older plants less appealing.


To prevent boxwood blight, follow these tips:

  • Do not shear boxwood when the evergreens are wet.
  • Clean and properly disinfect tools to prevent spread of any disease.
  • Pets and animals can move around infected plant material. Try to keep them away from evergreens, if possible.
  • Avoid introducing new boxwood into more established boxwood areas.
  • Be sure to collect and remove any debris you may have after pruning.


As evergreens, boxwood lends four-season interest to Midwest landscapes. Varieties of boxwood have many functional uses, too, including as living fences, privacy screens, walkway accents, garden borders and in containers. Learn more about boxwood and other Loma Vista Nursery plant varieties perfect for Midwest landscapes in our plant catalog.


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