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Benefits of an Online Presence

Creating Value with Purpose

Having an online presence is essential for businesses of every size. Determining how to spend resources on developing that presence can be difficult.

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“I was the last person on board with the decision to spend company resources on a ‘fancy website.’ I did not understand the value it would bring. I am glad our team pushed me to invest,” says Lyndsi Oestmann, president.

Here are some reasons why creating and developing an online presence can help your company find greater success.

Increase Brand Awareness 

Your brand is everything. If you aren’t telling your company’s story online, then who is? From online social media platforms and email newsletters to your website, your brand can be seen in numerous forms online.

“Having an online presence is essential to bolstering sales, and though a customer may not remember where they saw your business name, there’s a decent chance it was through one of the channels you are using online,” says Kurt Everett, regional sales manager.

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Social Media in a Digital World

Developing a social media presence is just one way to build your online presence. Consider what outlets are appropriate for telling your company story. There are many options, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.

Building an online presence through social media is important. Just like building a storefront, one must choose the right platforms, colors, designs, and more to fit your brand personality. It is vital to share content (photos, videos, and captions) and respond to customers promptly.

Plan a social media strategy that increases your online presence through organic posting and paid advertising. Reach your target audience through social media to build your brand awareness, share knowledge and connect. Set goals for followers, reach, and engagement.

Streamline Orders & Increase Sales

“Without a doubt having an online presence helps increase sales,” says Caitlin Hupp, regional sales manager. By developing a new user-friendly website with custom drone footage, easy online ordering, and plant inventory photos, we stay true to our values and convey our brand in a competitive industry.

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“We launched an online ordering platform five years ago and it continues to increase in use every year,” says Everett.

Retailers had to adjust quickly throughout the pandemic to adapt online sales with curbside pickup and delivery.

Develop Loyal Customers 

Besides providing top-quality customer service and inventory, keep your customers coming back by adding value. Be sure your online content benefits your clients and that the process for ordering plants is easy to navigate. Ensure that your content is straightforward, tells your unique story, and connects with your customers. Provide a pleasant user experience at each level of interaction.



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Create Efficient Marketing and Communications

During the pandemic, our industry adapted to online sales, virtual shopping experiences, and more within months. This rapid shift in how plants were sold showed the value of meeting the consumers online.

Operating a virtual trade booth at Cultivate created 
a new opportunity for our sales team. 

As a wholesale nursery, we presented at our first virtual trade show. Utilizing our online presence, clients could connect with us, learn about our nursery, and complete online orders after visiting our online booth.

“You no longer have to physically drive to a nursery to see their facility, inventory, culture, etc. – this can be communicated online,” says Oestmann.

The key to delivering impactful online communications is purpose.

“Be purposeful in your online presence,” she says. “Have measurable goals that are in line with your company’s vision and mission and add checks to ensure your goals support your strategic plan.”

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