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With the interesting challenges of 2022 behind us, what can we expect from the year ahead? We asked Loma Vista Nursery’s Lyndsi Oestmann to give us an outlook.

Q. From a grower perspective, what excites you most as we enter a new year?

A. We are excited to see where 2023 takes us! We look forward to growing and nourishing our relationships with customers and to continuing to produce our quality plant material. We are also excited about some of the new products we are growing and that are coming to market in 2023 – like Pop Star® Bigleaf Hydrangea.

Pop Star® Bigleaf Hydrangea (Bailey Nurseries Photos)

Q. What surprised you about our industry’s work in 2022?

A. We were all surprised – and excited – that the 2021 trend in sales and performance continued for us as a company in 2022. Every year we make strides in automation, employment, plant health, and development. It is always amazing to see those things come to fruition.

We were also happy to see public interest in plants and gardening continue. I was pleasantly surprised by the continued high demand for our products at garden retail, even with the poor weather conditions the Midwest experienced last spring.

Loma Vista Nursery values growing healthy plants for the Midwest market.

Q. What should we carry forward as key learnings?

A. Finding more ways to automate, creating opportunities for employee growth and continuing to educate our industry’s end-users about plant benefits are all aspects to carry forward in 2023. The more we share the health benefits, and environmental and economic impacts plants have on our communities – the more we raise interest in the plants we grow and send into the marketplace.

During 2022, we built and finished a new expansion to our nursery.

Q. What was Loma Vista Nursery’s most exciting accomplishment in 2022?

A. This is a difficult question to answer because there were many! We set up company profit sharing as part of our 401K benefits for our full-time employees. I am most excited about this new tool for recognizing, rewarding and retaining our employees. We also had no time loss in accidents or workers’ comp claims. And Seed Your Future recognized Loma Vista Nursery for our participation during its Green Career Week last fall.

Perhaps among the most exciting accomplishments last year is that we built and finished a new expansion to our nursery. The expansion is on more than seven acres! This gives us more space to use in the future for our shrubs and perennials and presents exciting opportunities to increase production. It includes 30 houses that are each about 300 feet, with white shades and roll-up end walls.

Q. What challenges do you see facing the industry in 2023?

A. With rising costs predicted in business and at home, our industry will keep a close eye on the economy. As we monitor plant and consumer trends along with marketplace changes, continuing our open line of communication with customers will be a priority.

Q. Where do you see our industry’s biggest growth opportunity?

A. We are excited to see growth opportunities in the landscape market. Our industry also has meaningful stories to tell about the benefits of plants. This includes education about the important contribution of plants to human health, the environment and the economy. Through strategically telling our industry’s valuable stories, we help our end-users understand the value of our products as a vital part of society.

Invincibelle Sublime™ hydrangea (Proven Winners Photo)

Q. What can customers and end-users expect from Loma Vista Nursery in 2023?

A. In addition to Pop Star® Bigleaf Hydrangea, our customers and end-users can look forward to many other new plant introductions. Among them are Puffer Fish™ Panicle Hydrangea, Matcha Ball® Ash Leaf Spirea and Invincibelle Sublime™ hydrangea.

Q. What do you most look forward to this year?

A. I’m most looking forward to continuing to grow and develop our staff, especially since we have new team members and promoted others.

Q. Fast-forward to Dec. 31. As an industry, what are we celebrating?

A. Another successful year is in the books! It’s been a little different than previous years, but every year is something to celebrate. For that, we are very grateful.

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