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Denver, Colorado

A close market to Denver with
affordable shipping costs.

For over 20 years, plants grown at Loma Vista Nursery have successfully been transplanted to Denver area landscapes and sold from Denver area garden centers. We are mindful of the unique challenges to plants trees and shrubs in Denver from alkaline soils


and drought conditions to altitude, and we consider these factors to achieve a mix of products right for the Denver market. Pair with us as Denver, Colorado’s wholesale grower and supplier in Denver, Colorado.

Material acclimated
to cold weather

Kansas City is less than 700 miles from Denver and the closest market to Denver that does not bear the expense of shipping over the Rockies. Competitive

shipping, along with material that is acclimated to cold weather conditions makes Loma Vista Nursery a great partner for plant material in Denver.

Over 20% of Loma Vista Nursery’s annual production is shipped to Denver and the surrounding Metro areas.

Pulled from the Plant Select trials, this selection is a superb compact catmint that is well suited for Denver’s regional climate. Little Trudy® has a long bloom with deep lavender flowers and attracts both bees and butterflies. The low growing characteristics and spreading habit makes it perfect for edging or a border plant. The aromatic foliage is finely textured with a grayish-green hue. Little Trudy’s® adaptability to dry or moderate conditions make it a great addition to any landscape.

Selected from Caddo Mountain sugar maple seedlings, this tree is known to be the hardiest of other Caddo maples varieties, the Flashfire® is also very tolerant of alkaline rich soils and can withstand heat and drought. This variety has a compact, oval growth habit with forest green foliage in season, turning to brilliant red colors in fall. At maturity, the Flashfire® Maple can get to 45’ in height and 40’ in spread.

Where space is limited, this tall, narrow shrub is ideal for creating a privacy screen. Tiny greenish-white flower clusters in late spring produce fruit in late summer, proving a great contrast to the glossy dark green leaves. The Columnar Buckthorn can stand alone as a great accent plant or also be used in a hedge row. Receive a Tallhedge Columnar Buckthorn from us as Denver, Colorado’s wholesale grower and supplier in Denver, Colorado.

Loma Vista Nursery
Delivers Near You

Loma Vista Nursery takes pride in shipping high quality, healthy nursery stock in a timely manner. We use both our own trucks as well as common carrier options to deliver your plant material at the lowest cost alternative available. Our nursery is centrally located, so wherever you are, we can get plant material to you with limited time in transit. Pair with us as Denver, Colorado’s wholesale grower and supplier in Denver, Colorado.

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