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Duane’s Top Five

As our operations manager, Duane can tell you about almost every plant there is. Duane brings knowledge and numerous years of experience to our team. His years of experience led us to his unique top five plants. Many of the top five contenders happen to share a spring blooming quality. Find out all about his top five plants below.

Fothergilla “Witch Alder” 

Duane loves all varieties of Fothergilla. “It is one of the first thing to bloom in the spring, and the flowers are super unique,” he said.  Fothergilla is a great addition to landscapes in zones 5 to 8. It is a unique flowering plant that is underutilized in landscapes. Many people also enjoy Fothergilla for the beautiful fall color they have.

Our crop of Fothergilla “Witch Alder” 

Exochorda “Pearl Bush”

Duane choose this plant for its incredible white pearl blooms and of course the spring color it adds to a landscape. It blooms from April to June offering the perfect pop of white to your landscape. The best part about this shrub is how low maintenance it is. Originally from Asia this shrub does well in drought and cold climates. To get the best blooms make sure to plant in full sun for several hours a day.

Proven Winners Exochorda “Pearl Bush”

Fragrant Viburnums

His favorite Viburnum is the Compact Koreanspice Viburnum (viburnum carlesii ‘Compactum’). Fragrant Viburnums are named for their sweet scent they put off during the spring season. When asked why these specific Viburnum are his favorite Duane has only one word, “fragrant.” Viburnums in general are hardy plants that have some good versatility in landscapes. Often times, they are used as hedge plants, but they can be used as stand-alone shrubs as well.

Our crop of  Viburnum Carlesii

Nyssa “Wildfire”

Common names for this pick include Black Gum, Sour Gum, and Wildfire Tupelo. “I love that not many people grow them, so they really stand out if you have them in your yard,” Duane said. This tree requires six hours of full sun each day and around 4-6 hours of shade. Nyssa “Wildfire” looks best during early to mid-fall as its foliage changes color.

Pictured above is Nyssa Wildfire from The Morton Arboretum 

Geum “Aven”

Added to the top five for their early spring bloom, these flowers are sure to wow. Although not very common, Guem is a gorgeous long blooming clump perennial. These perennials enjoy full sun and have a long lasting bright orange bloom. There are also many varieties with various colored blooms. It is best to divide clumps every few years in the spring. As a clump this plant makes a stunning feature in a rock or cottage garden.

Pictured above is Guem Avens from Gardenia.


We hope you enjoyed Duane’s top five plant picks as much as we did. Landscaping and gardening are ways of expressing yourself and we hope this list helps you to find the perfect plant to complete your yard. We also hope you found the perfect spring bloom to feature!

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