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Everything’s Coming Up Roses – and We Love It!

A garden mainstay, roses have inspired poetry, songs and artwork for centuries because of their color, fragrance, shape and sheer beauty. Loma Vista Nursery grows a variety, including Drift® Groundcover Roses, The Knock Out® Family of Roses, the Oso Easy® Roses from Proven Winners and the Easy Elegance® Series of Roses.

To borrow another classic turn of phrase with a twist, a rose by many other names still smells – and looks – as sweet in your outdoor growing space. Even if life isn’t exactly a bed of roses this year, roses are a welcome addition to any landscape, with many varieties that are easier than ever to grow and maintain.

Here are some roses that have caught our eye, and our fancy:

Petite Knock Out® Roses: Easy and rewarding, Knock Out® shrub roses are known for long-lasting blooms from spring to frost and have become the most widely sold rose in North America. The Petite Knock Out® Rose is the first miniature version of the perennial favorites and is currently in production in our nursery. We like these diminutive shrubs planted together for a vibrant dose of color or placed in a container to brighten up a small space. They also make great gifts.

Drift® Groundcover Roses: Yellow roses are not just for Texas – they are a pop of sunshine in all kinds of spaces, including the charmingly named Popcorn Drift groundcover that grows in full sun and reaches up to two feet in height. Other palette pleasers include Lemon Drift, Coral Drift, Pink Drift and Red Drift. These groundcover varieties offer repeat blooms and glossy foliage and are bred to be easily managed as both space fillers and center of attraction. Hardiness is another bonus: Drift roses survive winter well and are disease resistant.

Both the Petite Knock Out Roses and Drift Groundcover Roses fall within the miniature category and prove the adage that good things do come in small packages.

We like the Popcorn Drift® groundcover for its happy color and fill-in beauty. You’ll like it for its easy care and long-lasting vibrancy.

If you’re looking for a bolder hue, might we suggest the Drift Groundcover Rose in a lovely shade of coral?

Everything you love about Knock Out® Roses now comes in a mini-me version: the Petite Knock Out® Rose.

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