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Fascinating Year-Round Grasses

Strolling through a local garden center and exploring numerous ornamental grasses can become overwhelming. What grass variety is best for my area? How do I select the right grass for my plant landscape? What perennial plants are good companions for ornamental grasses?

Our plant experts have the perfect selection of grasses to incorporate into your landscape. Ornamental grasses offer colorful interest for each season.


Boutoulea gracilis ‘Blonde Ambition’

Golden seed heads in early summer are surrounded by clumping blue to green foliage. Find joy in watching this grass evolve and change with each season. With a mature height and spread of 18 inches, this ornamental is best for Zone 3.

Pennisetum alop Hameln

Also known as Dwarf Fountain Grass, this ornamental grass offers green blades and creamy tan plumes. With a mature height and spread of 2 feet, this grass is perfect for Zone 5. Easy to maintain and plant, Pennisetum is perfect for landscaping beds.

Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Prairie Blues’

‘Prairie Blues’ is a bold plant that will surely brighten your day. Eye-catching grayish-blue foliage turns purple to red for fall and winter interest. This grass is best for Zone 2. As a medium sized plant, it reaches a mature height of 36 inches and spread of 18 inches. ‘Prairie Blue’ is one of the best grasses for nesting and roosting habitats for birds, native bees, and its serves as a host plant for skipper butterfly caterpillars.

Sporobolus heterolepis 

Commonly called Prairie Dropseed, any landscape will pop with the lovely texture and vase shape of this ornamental. Ideal for growing in Zones 3-9. Prairie Dropseed reaches a mature height of 2 feet without its bloom and 3 feet with its bloom.

Miscanthus sinensis

Bandwidth Maiden Grass offers brightly banded yellow and green foliage on upright clumps. Each fall they provided brown plumes. At maturity, Bandwidth Maiden reaches a mature height and spread of 2.5 to 3 feet. Add this grass for erosion control, cut flowers, rock gardens, mass plantings or disguising equipment.

Get creative with landscaping by adding any of these hardy grasses. Ornamental grasses are great for contrasting against colorful plants like echinacea, penstemon or salvia. Allow your landscape to reflect your personality and provide color and interest throughout each season. Sit back, relax and enjoy the visual displays you have created.

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