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As the season of spring is upon us, let’s take your garden and landscaping prep to the next level. It’s time to design that perfect landscape, you know the one you always dreamed about? It starts by creating an overarching plan, one that includes groundcovers.

Groundcovers are essential to any landscape for creating dimension, filling in empty spaces, reducing weeds and working to prevent soil erosion. With so many benefits you may be asking yourself how to choose the right groundcover for your space. Don’t fret, we have compiled a list of the best groundcovers below.

An up-close shot of our Sedum Kamtschaticum.


Sedum Kamtschaticum

This sun loving variety is perfect for brightening up drought prone areas within a landscape. It offers bright yellow blooms at the end of spring and red toned foliage in the fall.

Sedum lime Zinger

A beautiful long blooming plant, lime zinger, is great for sloping landscapes and year round interest. This splendid groundcover offers lime green foliage with red edging from spring to fall.

Our wonderful crop of Sedum Sunsparkler Lime Zinger

Sedum Blue Elf

            With bright pink flowers to contrast its frosty gray to plum coloring, it’s fragrance feature is truly the icing on the cake. This wonderful sedum is much more than meets the eye.

Sedum Firecracker

            Perfect for any space, this groundcover can take on many different roles. From growing into mass blankets, overflowing troughs and containers and growing around stone walls, this red to maroon foliage is perfect for your landscape.

Lamium Purple Dragon

            Unlike previous groundcovers mentioned, this one requires watering and shade. It’s beauty is worth the effort as it offers silver foliage with bold purple flowers. It is a great addition to a flower garden as it is a herbaceous perennial.

Lysimachia Goldie

            Made for adding dimension, this groundcover is perfect for unique designs. With yellow hues and draping foliage, you can easily create the landscape of your dreams.

Our crop of Lysimachia Goldie.


Phlox Emerald Blue

            Gorgeous displays of blue flowers will form a fun carpet on your landscape by planting this groundcover. We love to utilize it as an accent plant around landscaping rocks.

Phlox Scarlet Flame

            Pink will overflow your landscape for three to four weeks with this brilliant groundcover. Brighten up a sunny spot in your landscape with this groundcover today.


Although we picked our favorite groundcovers, we can’t help but mention all of the other incredible groundcovers we grow. View more groundcovers varieties in our catalog.

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