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Let Me Count the Ways: 5 Reasons We Love these Rose Varieties

There’s a reason why roses inspire poets and often sell out on Valentine’s Day. Actually, there are all kinds of reasons:

Color: Sure, roses are red but there is a real palette of possibilities to add vibrancy to outdoor landscapes. Examples of bold bloomers include Oso Easy® Paprika, Easy Elegance® Coral Cove and Easy Elegance® Paint the Town Red varieties. You can also go more subtle with color combinations, like pairing Drift® White roses with a muted shade such as Drift® Popcorn, with yellow buds that open to creamy white flowers.

Our lovely crop of Easy Elegance® Paint the Town Rose.

Hardiness: The Livin’ La Vida® rose from Proven Winners really does allow you to live a good life during growing season. This variety is disease resistant and thrives in hardiness Zones 5-9.

Size: Smaller rose shrubs offer big-time charm, such as the Petite Knock Out® Rose that is now available. The first miniature variety in the Knock Out® collection, this compact rose plant provides non-fading color and abundant flowers.

Continuous bloom:  Double Knock Out® roses are named for the double-flowering blooms that last from spring through frost. It doesn’t get much more continuous than these shrubs, which come in pink or red hues and are also quite disease resistant.

Our crop of Oso Easy® Paprika Rose from Proven Winners.

Easy maintenance:  The Easy Elegance® Kashmir looks delicate, resembling a hybrid tea rose, but lives up to its easy name when it comes to growing.  The Oso Easy® Double Red rose from Proven Winners is also a good choice for low maintenance growing, featuring bright double red blooms with hints of orange.

To borrow a bit from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, roses by many other names smell as sweet and look as stunning. Find your own favorites by browsing our catalog!


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