Loma Vista Nursery News

Loma Vista Nursery has new vision and mission statements!

How we decided the statements:

Loma Vista Nursery has paired with Sue Markgraf and the rest of her team at GreenMark Public Relations in order for them to help us not only amp up our media presence, but to also help us meditate on who we want to be and who we are in this industry. As of two years ago, Loma Vista Nursery is now solely a wholesale grower of nursery stock (we no longer have landscape distribution centers). In order to reinforce our current nursery model, we needed to create new internal and external messages.

pictured above: Sue facilitating the Grow Your Message workshop in January.

A few weeks ago, Sue came down to our operation in Ottawa, KS to facilitate a ‘Grow Your Message’ workshop. The goal of the workshop was for us to create vision, mission, and core messages that best represent who we are as a nursery. Each member of our company present in the meeting had equal say about what they thought Loma Vista Nursery represents. Not only did the workshop demonstrate how dedicated all our employees are to Loma Vista, but it also united the nursery behind our new statements since every member had an equal say in the matter.

What are the statements and what they mean to our company:


Vision Statement: Experience the View


‘Loma Vista’ translates directly to ‘hill view,’ but Experience the View does more than just tie back into our name. We are extremely proud of the plants we grow (including brands like Proven Winners and First Editions) and the operations we have put in place to produce them. To us, Experience the View demonstrates our transparency to communicate how our operations work to our customers.  Not only do we have an extensive outline of our nursery operations on our website with drone videos to back them up, but we also pride ourselves in getting our customers to come tour our nursery for themselves.

Our new vision statement also reinforces how much we believe in the product we are growing. Our plants are some of the best, and we can say that due to the staff we have, the practices we have in place (check out our facility operations), and the materials that we use. We want people to experience our plants for themselves to see the high quality our product truly is.

pictured above: a drone shot of our 310 acre container farm in Ottawa, KS

Our vision statement are these things and so much more. View encompasses so much from us. We want people to come experience our nursery, experience the care we put into each and every one of the plants we grow, experience how we treat our customers with integrity and transparency, experience how knowledgeable and driven our team members are, experience how we give back to the communities we are a part of, experience how our plants elevate the landscapes they are planted into, etc. We are proud of what we do, which is why we want people to experience our products and operations for themselves.

Mission Statement: Loma Vista Nursery is a Midwest grower. We are committed to healthy plants, strong customer relationships, employee success, and community and industry involvement.


Our mission statement goes a step beyond our vision statement by summarizing what our nursery does. It communicates both who we are as a business and also our commitment to maintaining the values we uphold. We want to let people know we are a grower of wholesale nursery stock in Ottawa, KS. Our location is significant because it allows us to create cold-hardy plants for all of the areas we service whether the plants go up north to the Dakotas, south to Oklahoma, west to our mountain regions, or out to the eastern fringes of the Midwest.

But, it’s not enough for us to just saw we grow plants, which is why we have created a second half to our mission statement. HOW and WHY we run our nursery is just as important as WHAT we grow. We believe that without plant health, we would not have quality products. Without strong customer relations, we would not have the success or integrity we do. Without employee success, our nursery would not operate at the high level it does. And without community and industry involvement, we would not be supporting and giving back to those who support us.

Our New Messaging

We may have new messaging, but that does not mean our values and operations are new. Our new messaging is a tool to better communicate and showcase what we at Loma Vista Nursery have been doing all along. Stay tuned for blog posts about our new Core Messages coming in the next few weeks.


Contact Us

If you want to contact us to talk about our new messaging or about anything else. Feel free to email us at sales@lomavistanursery.com or call us at (785) 229-7200.