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Magnificent Monarchs

Bright orange wings with delicate black lacing stop for a momentary flutter. The landing location is the flower you planted. The flower you have watered, weeded and maintained for this very moment. It is a moment of nature’s rhythm taking place before your eyes.

Whether you have room for one container, patio garden or large landscaping bed, you can witness this incredible experience. Helping nature continue to provide for the declining monarch population is a rewarding opportunity. All it takes is a few pollinator friendly plants to grab their attention. Attract monarchs and numerous flying visitors with the following plants:

Milkweed Butterfly

This is the perfect plant for attracting monarchs as they lay their eggs on leaves. These leaves serve as the sole food source for monarch caterpillars.  Milkweed offers bright orange flower heads against dark green foliage. Reaching a mature height of 36 inches and width of 18 inches, milkweed the perfect home for monarchs.

Buddleia x Miss Molly Butterfly Bush

Vibrant pink blooms attract flying visitors throughout the summer. Owners are attracted to these stunning fragrant blooms that boost their health. This variety from Proven Winners is grown best in Zones 5-9. As a mounded shrub, it reaches a mature height and spread of 48 to 60 inches. Plant this gorgeous shrub in sunny areas and watch for flying visitors.

Salvia sylvestris May Night

Deep purple flowers bloom on green spikes to create a delightful attraction to butterfly gardens. As a beneficial plant for pollinators, it matures at 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide. This variety grows best in Zone 3. While pollinators enjoy the sweet nectar, gardeners can enjoy the colorful display of blooms.

Solidago Little Lemon

Blooming from late summer to fall, little lemon is great for lengthening bloom times within a landscape. Commonly called goldenrod, this dwarf variety reaches a mature height and spread of 12 and 15 inches. Plant this variety in small garden spaces to allow pollinators to soak up late season blooms as they migrate.

Other plants our experts recommend include Pugster Blue® Butterfly Bush, Clethra alnifolia, bee balm, and lilacs. You can explore our full plant catalog here.

Working to create a pollinator friendly garden or landscape has numerous benefits. From supporting the population to helping the environment, benefits are worth the rewards. Admire your hard work as flying visitors enter your landscape and continue migrating.

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