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Marching Into Tree Season

Loma Vista Nursery is marching into tree season! As temperatures warm and soils thaw, our landscape customers are stocking their spring inventory for people eager to get back to their outdoor planting projects. We are actively filling orders and preparing shipments to Midwest destinations.

Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor)

At Loma Vista Nursery, we grow our inground trees at our 650-acre farm near Lawrence, Kansas, following industry guidelines for crop rotation and certified practices for tree health.

Spartan Juniper – Juniperus chinensis ‘Spartan’

High-Quality Soil

Our field trees are planted in high-quality clay-loam soil. This produces superior crops that are adaptable to Midwest climates and soil conditions.

We maintain soil quality by constantly protecting and enriching the ground. Tilling and pulling weeds keeps field spaces clean and reinforces tree health. Cover crops protect soil as it rests between growing cycles. This practice directly benefits our customers and makes tree transplanting nearly effortless.

Hot Wings® Tatarian Maple – Acer tataricum

Loma Vista Nursery’s strict pruning schedule encourages full, uniform trees. This helps maintain a strong branching structure. We stake all our trees to promote strong central leader growth.

Frontier Elm – Ulmus x ‘Frontier

Harvest & Shipping

Depending on variety and season, we harvest our field-grown trees at 1.5- to 4-inches in caliper. We ship several times a year, subject to harvest conditions and tree maturity.

Loma Vista Nursery’s trees head out on flatbeds and in refrigerated trucks to maintain optimal conditions. To minimize freight costs, we organize deliveries that are heading to customers within proximity to others.

Triumph™ Elm – Ulmus ‘Morton Glossy’

As we march into tree season and watch our trucks depart Loma Vista Nursery with our healthy plant materials, there is a definite sense of pride in our growing practices.

Royal Raindrops Crabapple – Crab Royal Raindrops® (Malus)

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Loma Vista Nursery’s staff members are experts in the field. We love helping people learn and understand more about healthy plants that perform well in Midwest landscapes. Feel free to email us at sales@lomavistanursery.com.  Or, call us at (785) 229-7200 to get help with your plant-related questions.

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