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Meet Pedro

Loma Vista Nursery: Employee Features

We at Loma Vista Nursery are not only proud of our plants, but we are also proud of our operations and the people who work here, which is why we are going to start featuring blogs and videos about the people who make up our incredible team and how we run our wholesale nursery.

Introducing: Pedro Santiago

If you want to know one person who knows the ins and outs of the majority of the nursery operations, you’ll want to meet Pedro Santiago. Pedro started working for Loma Vista Nursery five years ago. He has done everything from canning to pruning to shipping among other things. For the past year or so, Pedro has been our dock foreman but is now training to help manage our shipping department (learn more about our shipping operations HERE).

above: Part of our shipping crew: Virginia, Pedro, and Angie.

From Puerto Rico to Kansas

Although he was born in New York City, Pedro grew up in Puerto Rico for twenty-seven years. He began as one of our seasonal nursery laborers, but Pedro now calls Ottawa, KS his home full-time now.

He misses Puerto Rico, but he also thoroughly enjoys his life here in Kansas. When he’s not working, you can find him shooting hoops on the basketball courts in town, playing dominoes with friends, and playing rounds of pool (I dare you to challenge him if you’re ok with losing).

A Place Where You Can Grow

Pedro’s favorite part about working at Loma Vista Nursery is all of the opportunities the nursery has given him. “I have grown a lot since being here,” Pedro says. “My bosses have given me a lot of chances to work towards new roles because of the trust they have in me.” Pedro does not give himself enough credit though. He is one of the kindest and most responsible guys around, and any new task he’s been asked to do at the nursery, he has risen to the occasion. “I put pressure on myself when I work because I believe in the work we do,” Pedro says. He wants to reciprocate the trust the nursery has placed in him. Now we could not imagine life without Pedro here at Loma Vista Nursery.

above: Pedro and Jose Mercado loading plants on our shipping dock.

Come Work With Us (And Pedro!)

Interested in joining our team at Loma Vista Nursery? Check out our career page HERE or contact us  for general inquiries. Email: sales@lomavistanursery.com Phone: (785) 229-7200