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Meet Sally, our section leader!

Loma Vista Nursery Employee Features

We at Loma Vista Nursery are not only proud of our plants, but we are also proud of our operations and the people who work here, which is why we are featuring blogs and videos about the people who make up our incredible team and how we run our nursery.

Introducing: Sally Gray

Sally is one of our section leaders here at Loma Vista Nursery. Our 310 acre container facility is divided into five sections, and each section has a leader. Sally is in charge of Section 2, which has many of our shrubs such as junipers, yews, burning bush, hydrangeas, and more! Sally’s job is to manage all of the shrubs and make sure they are in tiptop shape to be sold. Sally and her team team fertilize, prune, space, monitor water intake, weed, and scout for any diseases on her plants each day. She also has to make sure to communicate with the other section heads and the main growers about how her plants are doing as well. In the winter, Sally consolidates her plants together and puts them in small, wintering houses covered with white, plastic poly covers.

Sally, above, proudly standing in front of Section 2.

Her ‘Roots’ 

Sally hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin, land of cheese and tough sports teams. She spent most of her youth there until her family moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa. She remained there after high school to attend the University of Northern Iowa. Sally initially earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry there, and then she stuck around to earn her Masters of Science in Biology. Right after she graduated, she started working at Loma Vista in May 2019. When Sally gets a break from taking care of plants, she likes to spend time with her Greyhound, Breeze. He’s five years old and is the most mellow dog you will ever encounter in your life. Sally is also a movie connoisseur. Her two personal favorites are Silence of the Lambs and The Devil Wears Prada.

Above is Sally weeding some viburnum in her section.

Loma Vista, More than Just Plants

Sally enjoys the plants she grows immensely, but getting to work with awesome shrubs is not the only reason she loves working at Loma Vista Nursery. “The diversity of people I work with is my favorite part of working here,” she says. “Loma Vista Nursery has a great community of people.” Sally thinks that the diversity of people has helped strengthen the work community of the nursery. It’s her team and her coworkers that get her excited to come to work each and every day. A close second reason why she loves her job is her ability to work outside. Sally’s fear was ending up in a desk cubicle someday without windows. Here at Loma Vista, Sally works outside in her plant section and is able to appreciate the natural world around her. We are sure lucky to have Sally at Loma Vista Nursery. She is a dedicated and hard worker that knows a ton about plants. If you are interested in learning Sally’s favorite plants, check out her Top 5 Plants list HERE.

Come Work With Us (And Sally!)

Interested in joining our team at Loma Vista Nursery? Check out our career page HERE or contact us  for general inquiries. Email: sales@lomavistanursery.com Phone: (785) 229-7200 

Check out Sally’s Top 5 Plants Here!

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