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New and Notable Fall Perennials and Shrubs

Nothing against pumpkin spice and sweater weather, but one of our favorite things about fall is welcoming new varieties of plants with four-season interest.

Our dock has been a virtual show of color and beauty as we receive and ship out perennials that enhance landscapes all over the country. There are many new varieties that have caught our eye and our fancy this year:

American Gold Rush Rudbeckia is a hybrid Black Eyed Susan that looks lovely through fall and lends a harvest-gold hue through the first frost. This perennial is also perfect for late summer and autumn cut-flower bouquets.

Ka-Pow® Phlox lives up to that whammy of a name, with abundant blooms in the summer and leaves that stay green through the season. It has a dense, compact shape that also makes it an eye-pleaser in containers. Plant it in full sun to partial shade.


Fire Light Tidbit™ Hydrangea is compact but mighty beautiful, with creamy green flowers that turn bright pink. Hardy to Zone 3 and heat tolerant through Zone 8b, this new variety can be planted through fall. It thrives in full or part sun in cooler areas and, in warmer climates, in spots with some morning sun and shade during the hotter part of the day.

Quick Fire Fab™ Hydrangea is a new panicle hydrangea that blooms early and often, with dark-rosy pink color in fall. Keep them up through winter for visual interest, then prune in late winter or early spring for a bountiful summer.

Pugster Periwinkle® Butterfly Bush is an easy-to-maintain, pollinator-friendly perennial that has big purple blooms in a compact, sturdy fame. This butterfly bush blooms late into the season with autumn foliage interest and fares well in winter.

Callicarpa Pearl Glam® is an attention-grabbing beautyberry that offers dark purple leaves and orchid-colored berries in fall. No need to deadhead this variety, which also grows upright for a smaller footprint.

Castle Keep® Holly is a blue holly with true year-round appeal courtesy of dark evergreen foliage. It’s smaller than other holly varieties, topping at 5’, and is hardy in Zones 5, 6 and 7. Place it in full sun for best results. Plant with the male counterpart Castle Wall® Holly for beautiful berries.

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