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Ooh La La! Cut Flower Gardens for All

Starting a cut flower garden is something everyone can enjoy. Cut flower gardens are an environmentally friendly project, that can attract butterflies and other natural pollinators outdoors, while providing a source for beautiful arrangements indoors.

Lo & Behold® ‘Blue Chip’ Butterfly Bush is a natural pollinator.

There are many ways to create a cut flower garden. First, you need to define and create a personalized space, and then plant what you like. With endless color options, consider your indoor décor and create an outdoor plant palette that will complement areas throughout your home.

Pink Double Knock Out® Rose

Start with a staple. Roses offer glamorous blooms from spring to frost. We especially love the Easy Elegance® shrub roses. These are easy to maintain and offer a wide selection of colors, including dark pink, bright pink, yellow, light orange, coral, white, red and more.

Rose Easy Elegance ® Coral Cove

Hydrangeas add sophistication to any garden. These prolific shrubs offer stunning cut flowers from summer through fall, and make gorgeous dried flower arrangements, as well. Here are two varieties we love for their performance in the garden and in a vase.

Hydrangea Lets Dance® Starlight

Hydrangea Annabelle

Yellow brings bright color to your cut flower garden and indoor arrangements. Some of our favorites are yarrow, coreopsis and daylilies. Yarrow Moonshine offers light foliage with bright blooms. Yarrow is also drought tolerant, making it perfect for gardens in dry soils.

Our crop of Coreopsis UpTick Gold & Bronze.

Like yarrow, coreopsis is drought tolerant, and comes in a large palette of colors. We especially love UpTick Gold & Bronze for its flame red button center and sunny petals. Grow this coreopsis for cut flowers all summer!

A tried-and-true garden and vase favorite: Daylily Stella D Oro is a reblooming source of yellow-orange flowers.

Astilbe Vision in Red

Astilbe Visions is a standout in cutting gardens for its unique, raspberry-pink blooms. Use them as a main show in any flower bouquet.

Take your cut flower garden to the next level with blooms from lilacs and add sweet fragrance with clethra and butterfly bushes to attract more visitors.

Take flower cuttings from your garden in the morning while plants are fully hydrated. To extend their life in the vase, cut when blooms are budding and showing color. Cut the stems at an angle and place the flowers in water shortly after cutting. After setting flowers in a vase, make sure to change the water regularly. Finally, enjoy!

See our full plant catalog for more ideas at https://lomavistanursery.com/catalog.

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