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Our Rose Selection: Drift Roses

Rethink Your Mother’s Day Gift

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you may be thinking of getting the important people in your life some flowers to thank them for all they’ve done for you. However, rather than buy them a bouquet of flowers that will only last a few weeks at best, give them a beautiful plant that will last in their landscape for years to come. Give the gift of Drift® Roses.

Drift® Roses

Drift® Roses are a ground cover shrub with a manageable habitat and re-blooming flowers that come in nine different colors. Their uses are abundant and versatile. They thrive in landscapes but can also be used as container plants. Here are five of the top reasons why Drift® Roses are the way to go.

 ‘Lemon Drift®’ Photo: https://www.driftroses.com/collection1

Top Reasons to Plant Drift®

1. Reliably hardy: These roses will not only survive in your landscapes; they will thrive! Drift® Roses are hardy for zones 4-11, so there’s hardly a place they will not grow. They’re proven to be cold hardy, disease resistant, and easy to care for. All you need to do to keep these roses alive is to give them full sun and water them weekly.

2. Shorter growing habitat: While other roses grow to be tall and need extra care to keep a reasonable shape and size, Drift® Roses hardly need any size management due to their nature. They only grow 12 to 18 inches in height, and they gently spread from 18-24 inches wide. On top of their optimal size, they also maintain an elegant, arching shape.

‘Red Drift®’ Photo: https://www.driftroses.com/collection1

3. Continuous blooms: Yes, it’s true! These roses bloom again and again starting in mid-spring and going until frost season. You will have months of vibrant blooms that will add continuous color to any yard. What’s more is that they come in not 1, not 2, but 9 varieties! Check out all of the varieties on their official Drift® Roses Page.

4. Disease resistant: We all love roses, but we don’t love that many roses are prone to diseases, especially downy mildew. A good amount of roses require constant attention and regular spraying for disease. However, not Drift® Roses! They are inherently disease resistant and don’t need pampered. Just make sure to plant them in a sunny location with well-draining soil.

‘Popcorn Drift®’ Photo: https://www.driftroses.com/collection1

5. Glossy foliage: Although we mostly plant roses for their flowers, beautiful foliage can be an unexpected, added benefit. Drift® Roses have emerald, glossy foliage that creates a wonderful backdrop for the flowers.

Want to Know More?

I can imagine that you are equally as obsessed with these roses as we are now. To learn even more about these groundcover roses, here are some helpful links:

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‘Pink Drift®’ Photo: https://www.driftroses.com/collection1

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