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Our Top Tree Picks

As we look forward to spring, it is time to find the perfect tree to add to your landscape. With a wide range of selections and varieties, we compiled a few of our favorite trees. As you consider “branching out” this year, you might want to consider these:

MALUS Royal Raindrops®

Photo courtesy of jfschmidt.com 

Available now in #10 and #15 containers, this Zone 4 tree offers deep purple foliage and bright magenta pink blooms. Adaptable and easy to maintain, this variety offers heat and drought tolerance and high disease resistance. With a mature height of 20 feet and spread of 15 feet, this tree is sure to please. We also offer field grown selections of this magnificent crabapple. 


MALUS Gladiator™ 

Photo courtesy of firsteditionsplants.com

New to Loma Vista in 2020 this ornamental is perfect for small spaces that need a spark of color. With a mature height of 20 feet and width of 9 feet, this tree is great for small spaces within landscapes. The Malus Gladiator offers small reddish fruit, bright pink blooms and year- round purple foliage. It is available in #10 containers and field grown.



ACER sac Caddo Flashfire®

Photo courtesy of jfschmidt.com 

We love the brilliant early fall color, dark summer foliage and broad shape this tree offers. The hardiest of all Caddo maple selections, it is also heat, drought and alkaline soil tolerant. This is a statement tree offering a mature height of 45 feet and spread of 40 feet. You can find this brilliant red maple in #10 and #30 containers as well as field grown.


Greenspire Linden 


Available in #15 and #30 containers as well as field grown, this is the perfect low maintenance tree. With a mature height of 50 feet and spread of 35 feet, this tree offers great shade for all. It offers yellow fall color and dark green summer foliage, a welcome addition to any landscape.  


Triumph Elm

This elm variety offers yellow fall color with superior disease resistance and is easy to transplant. Large and luscious, the Triumph elm lives up to its name in any landscape. It has a mature height of 50 to 60 feet and spread of 35 feet. Best of all, it comes in many sizes at Loma Vista Nursery, #15 and #30 containers as well as balled and burlap field trees. 


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