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Over One Thousand Miles to Cultivate Success

One thousand four hundred sixteen miles, 187 sessions, and one award later the Loma Vista team left Cultivate with much more than they bargained for. With over 10,000 attendees Cultivate has been the horticulture industry’s trade show for the past 90 years and has representatives from over 44 countries. Attended by elite professionals across the horticulture industry Loma Vista sent five representatives and three interns.

Excellence in Sustainability 

Loma Vista Nursery was honored to receive the Greenhouse Grower’s Excellence in Sustainability Award during the Greenhouse Grower’s Medal of Excellence Awards. “We feel very honored to be recognized for excellence in sustainability. What we do and how we do it matters now and for future generations,” Lyndsi Oestmann, second-generation owner of the family-oriented company said. Environmental sustainability is an integral part of our culture at Loma Vista Nursery.  Our facility is built on a 40-acre pond, which is utilized for irrigation and allows us to recycle 80 percent of our water used on the nursery. “We also appreciate that we are involved in an industry where so much sharing happens, and businesses are willing to work together. We are excited to recognized by our peers in this way,” Oestmann said.

Lyndsi Oestmann with our Excellence in Sustainability Award.

Inspiration for Heroes 

While listening to keynote speaker Kevin Brown the team learned about how heroes see opportunities.  Instead of obstacles they see endless possibilities. Heroes create strong connections and reach beyond the borders of normal thinking to create transformational moments. Listening to this keynote helped members to realize how many heroes we are privileged to have at our nursery. They also learned about the current economic state of the industry through Dr. Charlie Hall. He spoke on the reduction of growers within the industry while the number of landscapers is increasing.

Day 1 at Cultivate.

Cultivating our Future

After attending numerous sessions the team members look forward to implementing new changes and advances in technology to continue Loma Vista’s role as a leader within the industry.  Leanne Follett serves as our HR Coordinator and explained, ” I really didn’t realize the effect this experience would have on our entire team.” She also described Cultivate as the place to be for networking within the industry.

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We may be a wholesale grower, but our staff are experts in the field. What’s more, is we love helping people learn more and understand more about plants. We grow healthy plants, and we want our plants (and any plants really) to be successful in the landscapes they are planted in.  Feel free to email us at sales@lomavistanursery.com or call us at (785) 229-7200 if you ever have plant-related questions.

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