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Plant Highlight: Coreopsis

As we are getting towards the tail end of summer, you may be assessing how your landscapes have held up throughout the season. Perhaps you would like to add more color to your yard or want plants that bloom longer. Or, maybe you just want some hardier plants that take less time to manage. If you are looking to add bright colors to your yard in the form of hardy plants, look no further than Coreopsis. These little flowers thrive in a variety of settings and tend to bloom all summer long.

Tickseed vs Threadleaf

Coreopsis is commonly called tickseed or threadleaf. Technically, the two are not the exact same thing. Tickseed and threadleaf are two different types of Coreopsis. Tickseed has larger flowers as well as bigger leaves. Threadleaf on the other hand has small flowers and thin leaves. Besides aesthetics, both varieties function the same in landscapes and have similar growing habits and many still choose to call them all Tickseed.

Top Reasons to Plant Coreopsis

1. Easy to grow: These perennials hardly take any effort to grow. They are hardy in zones 3-10 (that’s a lot of zones!), they require minimum water, and they prefer being blasted by the sun than being in the shade. Plants do not get much easier to take care of than Coreopsis.

2. Many shapes and sizes: One of the best things Coreopsis has to offer is all of the sizes, shapes, and colors it comes in. The flowers can be yellow, white, red,  purple, pink, maroon, burgundy, or many combinations of colors. Some grow to just be a few inches tall while others grow to be a few feet. If there is a space in your landscape you are looking to fill, there is most definitely a type of Coreopsis for your needs.

Li’l Bang Mercury Rising (above)

3. Reblooms throughout the season: Not only are their flowers beautiful, but they bloom all summer long into the fall. The trick to keep their blooms always fresh is to dead-head (remove any spent flowers) continuously to help promote more fresh blooms.

4. Disease resistant: Some plants take so much time and maintenance because of all the pest and disease issues they face. The good news for you is that Coreopsis are no such plant. You won’t have to baby these perennials to keep them looking healthy all season. They hardly have disease issues, and you won’t have to worry too much about insects with them as well.

Jethro Tull (above)

5. Transplants well: Once Sometimes you plant something and a year or so later switch up your landscape and want to move it elsewhere. The process of transplanting can shock, damage, or even kill plants. Luckily, Coreopsis is so hardy that they transplant with ease. Feel free to move these plants around your landscape because they are not married to the spot they are in.

Some of Our Favorite Varieties We Grow

1. Li’l Bang Enchanted Eve

2. Zagreb

3. American Dream:

4. Big Bang Mercury Rising

5. UpTick Yellow & Red

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