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Reasons to Plant Maples

In the blink of an eye, summer is almost over and fall is on the horizon. Stores are filling up with fall decor and pumpkin spice is making its comeback. This season, consider adding maples into your landscape for a burst of colorful foliage. Maples offer phenomenal fall foliage, easy and fast growth, improved air quality and support local bird populations.

Benefiting your environment has never been easier with our plant expert recommendations to help narrow down the selection.

Fall Fiesta®

Dark green leaves turn yellow, orange and red in the fall for a beautiful display. Commonly called Fall Fiesta sugar Maple, this tree grows to a height of 80 feet and spread of 30 feet at maturity. Perfect for large spaces, it is hardy to Zone 2. This maple is perfect for bringing a fall foliage party into your landscape.


Autumn Blaze® Maple

Easy to grow and maintain, Autumn Blaze is an excellent maple. Brilliant orange hues turn bright red for long lasting fall foliage. Forming a broadly oval shape, trees reach a mature height of 50 feet and spread of 40 feet. This Zone 3 tree is drought tolerant and provides shade within landscapes. Autumn Blaze is popular for suburban landscapes and walkways as it tolerates harsh environmental conditions.


Hot Wings® Maple  

These are not the hot wings ordered from a restaurant. Rather, bright red seed pods appear as flaming flowers all season long. Spectacular red foliage develops in the fall as the tree grows to 25 feet tall and 20 feet wide at maturity. This tree offers more than fall interest within landscapes and is hardy to Zone 3.

October Glory® Maple

Tiny red blooms grow each spring while bright orange to dark red foliage appears each fall. October Glory grows to a height of 50 feet and spread of 40 feet at maturity. It is one of the last maples to have fall color and drop its leaves. Another fast-growing variety, it is hardy to Zone 4. This maple is valued for its large shade opportunities in spacious landscapes.

Planting maples is perfect for improving your community. As the world continues to ebb and flow, colorful plants continue to amaze and brighten moods around each season. Planting maples can help to enliven your fall season and benefit the local environment. Shop for trees at local garden centers to support your community.

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